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Research Project Fall 2013

No description

Amanda Lee

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Research Project Fall 2013

Nina Carraghan, Lead Rsearcher
Amanda Cleveland, Primary Assistant

Independent Variable: Control, General Praise (GP), and Behavior Specific Praise(BSP).
Discriminating Stimulus: Table cloth, matching baskets. White for Control, Blue for GP, and Pink for BSP
Optional Activity: Blank pages and crayons to color with
Task: Matching cards of people, animals and foods, into three different baskets.

To start each session, the participant is asked if they wish to participate in research.
The therapist then goes over the conditions, and a trial matching of each type of card.
In each Condition, the participant can either match or color.
In the Control condition, the therapist will not talk to the participant whether they color or match.
In this project, Nina (Graduate Student), wanted to see if different types of praise affect the acquisition of a skill. We looked at General Praise (i.e. Good job, great, fantastic, etc) versus Behavior Specific Praise (i.e. I like how you matched the animals, Great job matching the person, etc)
Methods cont.
Template for data collection on an iPod.
Data collected included correct response, incorrect response, General Praise and Behavioral Specific Praise.
We measured data by a frequency count, that was then converted into a rate of response following the session.

Attention: General Praise versus Behavior Specific Praise
Setting up the lab, and the materials for each project.
Participant completing task too quickly, and picking up multiple cards, causing us to modify the procedures.
Due to modifying the procedures we were forced to restart.
Limited to two groups of two researchers allowed at Child Center at a time.
Weather closing the Child Care Center
In the General Praise condition,if the participant colors the therapist will not talk to them. If they match, with each correct match the therapist will say things like "good job", "great", "marvelous" etc.
In the Behavior Specific Praise condition, if the participant colors the therapist will not talk to them. If they mach, with each correct match the therapist will say things like "I like the way you matched the animals", "Great job matching the people" etc
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