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No description

laura dowdy

on 5 February 2016

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Transcript of Dillon's

About Crabs
When we went crabbing our dads friend named Bob
he showed us a baby crab. Also when we got there Connor put his head above the water and he found a big blue crab.Then we grabbed a stick and poked it and it fell off the wall and one side. We found crabs in the wall.

Star Fish
After our crabbing we found some people to play with and then my brother found a star fish. So they called me over to get it and so I grabbed my pocket knife and started to cut the bottom of the star fish and it took me three minutes. Then we left the coast and came back the next day.
And when we cannot catch a male crab we will feed the seals the femals crabs. When we got done feeding we went to a pole on a dock Connor had his hand on the water and a seal came up and all most bit his hand.
Jelly Fish
One time I was looking for crabs in a big crack and I found a shell. I got my dad to grab it because I could not reach it and he did not know what it was. So we showed it to Bob and he said that's a mussel. So he opened it up for fish bait Also we found a baby crab it.
Bob took us on a walk to let the crabs get in the cages and when we got to the place we where going Connor found a jelly fish about two or three feet long and wide. Then we tried to poke it and then we left to go check the cages and left.
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