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History Assignment - Sir Edmund Barton

Presentation about Sir Edmund Barton's life and his contributions to make federation what it is today.

Nabeela Ghaznavi

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of History Assignment - Sir Edmund Barton

History Assignment - Getting into Parliament Contributions to Federation The Last Few Years.. Early Careers When Edmund became a graduate from
the University he sought out for jobs.
- 1868 (graduation year): worked for Mr Henry
Bradley, a solicitor for 2 years
- 1870: worked for a Barrister, G.C.Davies
- 1871: still working for Mr Davies but on 21st of December got admitted to the bar.
This is Mr Bradley, Edmund's previous boss.
Edmund, who was called Toby by classmates was very focused on his academics. He was educated at Fort Street Model School for 2 years and spent from 1849-1864 in Sydney Grammar School. He studied hard and after he graduated from school a successful student and gathered much form his schooling years. Below is a picture of Fort Street Model School in 1871. Edmund studied parliament and politics
when he learned to debate at school.
- 1875: he accompanied Sir Alfred Stephen to
Grafton as his assistant.
- Later on that year he was a prosecutor for a
while. Barton was also an Attorney General in George Dibbs's Protectionist Government
- 1882: Edmund was Speaker of the Assembly
- 1884: voted President of University
of Sydney Union. In
- 1887: he was delegated to the Legislative
Council by the actions of Sir Henry Parks. Edmund Barton had many contributions not only to federation but to this country, the following information consists of all of his contributions.
- Barton was a delegate of the National Australasian Convention
- He was a serious supporter of federation especially after Henry Parks Tenter-field Oration
- He suggested the upper house as well as the lower house should have representatives
- Helped in creating a draft of the constitution which was almost the same as the original constitution used in the 1900s
- He also quit Council and ran for representative of East Sydney; Barton topped the poll and he decided who would win, for or against federation and he sides with Mr Henry Parks and Federation won.
- Then Henry Parks convinced him to take control of Federal Movement in NSW.
- Hopetoun then elected him Prime Minister amongst the other electives and people running to be PM because he was the best choice
- After he resigned from the job of being PM, he became a judge and served for 17 years in Australia's High Court which ended when he died.

Below are portraits of Lord Hopetoun (Australia's first governor & Edmund Barton at 34 yrs old Sir Edmund Barton had a good run in his
life, he really made a difference to Australia
and without his help, we wouldn't be here and
living in this wonderful country. His last few
years were serving as a judge in the Australian ' High Court which ended in 1920 when he died
from a heart failure here in New South Wales. He
was 71 years old. This is the High Court today, where he last served. Sir Edmund Toby Barton was one of the most important people when it comes to federation. He was a hard worker and this is how he started off...

Edmund was born on the 18th of January in 1849. He was the 3rd child in his family, the son of William Barton and Mary Louisa. Introducing... Sir Edmund Barton Who is Edmund Barton? Sir Edmund Barton Have you wondered about how your first Prime Minister even became Prime Minister? Or even how the tradition of having a Prime Minister came to Australia?
Well after this, we'll know all about the time of Sir Edmund Barton and how he became our Prime Minister because it certainly didn't just happen overnight. He was Australia's very first Prime Minister, "The Roots of Our Federation". He made Australia's politics as it is today. Childhood Education After school Sir Edmund Barton studied at the University of Sydney where he learned about politics and law. While a student there, he won the award for classics as well as a scholarship known as the Lithgow scholarship in 1865. in 1967, Edmund also won scholarship, the Sir Daniel Cooper Scholarship. He then graduated from the B.A. University in 1868 and went to the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts where he learned to debate.
Here is a photo of Edmund during his university years. University Years Thank you
for watching! By Nabeela Ghaznavi 9Girls I Hope you learnt alot :) Marriage & Family Also known as Toby, in 1871, Toby met Jeannie Ross whom he liked. They married in 1872. They lived in NSW and had 6 children which are mentioned below along with their careers:
- Edmund Alfred (oldest child) became a New South Wales Judge
- Wilfred Alexander (2nd child) was a NSW Rhodes Scholar
- Jean Alice (1st daughter, 3rd child) got married to Sir David Maughan
- Arnold Hubert (4th child) moved to Canada after marrying Jane Hungerford
- Oswald (5th child) got a job as a medical doctor
- Leila Stephanie (2nd daughter, 6th child) married Robert Christopher Churchill Scot-skirving This photograph is one of the campaigns Edmund Barton made for Federation This lady here is Jane Barton, also known as Jeannie Barton on her wedding day. Here we have Edmund Barton, the 2nd Prime Minister who came after him and some of the electives who ran for their state representative. •http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/barton-sir-edmund-toby-71
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