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Copy of Neely-Collaborative Global Education

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Kelly Neely

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Neely-Collaborative Global Education

Brimmer and May School
A Collaborative Model in Global Education
Students prepare to be informed, involved, and ethical citizens in a global society.
How can our instruction, curriculum, and co-curricular programs support the diverse nature of our community as well as prepare and inspire students to think and act as responsible, ethical citizens within our local and global communities?
Complete a course load specific to concentration
Take 4 years of a language (2 languages if taking language concentration)
Attend at least 2 outside programs per semester
Go on at least 1 international Winterim trip
Write a senior thesis with a Global Studies focus
Maintain a G.P.A. of 3.0
Options for earning a diploma with distinction:
Taking an AP level World Language course
Participating in a Model UN summit
Earning grades of B+ or higher in all Global Studies-related courses
Why join the Global Studies Program?
" I applied for the Global Studies program because I aspire to know more about the world I live in. . . . I am studying environmental science, and I hope to achieve a better knowledge of this topic by the time I graduate from Brimmer and May." --Amanda
". . . the Global Studies Program has provided me with opportunities . . . that allow me to further explore my academic interests. . . . while also teaching me what it means to be a globally-minded citizen in the 21st century." -- Halle
Global Studies Diploma Program
Who is involved?
Student Participation in 2012-2013:
3 seniors
13 juniors
7 sophomores
= approx. 20% of student body in the program's third year
Global Studies Board Members:
Head of the Upper School/International Relations
Director of Global Studies/Asian, European History
Science Department Chair (biology, environmental science)
2 history teachers (US, World)
1 language teacher (French)
" I applied to the global studies program because I wanted to learn more about global issues. . . . After visiting Europe and learning about about the holocaust more in depth, it made me think about what I could do to fix or prevent such events from occurring again." --Victoria
Political Science
World Languages
Winterim Travel Program
What is Winterim?
All Upper School students travel across the globe to a variety of destinations every 2 years. Trips include visits with sister schools, service-learning opportunities, and cultural immersion.
Global Studies Program:
Interdisciplinary Focus

Field trips
Group discussions

Inter-departmental chaperones (e.g. math, history, athletics teachers going to Ireland)
Each trip focus is unique (e.g. science, history, culture, language immersion, service learning)
Pre-trip preparation
Blogging while traveling, sharing with those who are in other destinations
Creative projects, school-wide exhibition

Where are we going in 2013?

Galapagos Islands
New Orleans
How do these programs provide a collaborative model for global education?
Why a global focus?
-create an interest in learning about other
-foster an understanding of differences (counter attitudes re: "the other")
-create a collaborative environment wherein students see themselves as citizens of the world working with others across the globe to solve problems
-complement an ethical literacy thread throughout the school's programs
School-Wide Global Programs

Community Diversity Nights

Lower School:
-Each grade focuses on a different region of the world in a collaborative unit (Language Arts, Social Studies, Tech, Creative Arts, etc.) Examples: Grade 3 Egypt Exhibition, Grade 4 Japan Festival
-Students begin taking French in pre-K. Students may begin taking Mandarin in grade 5.

Middle School:
-World language offerings: French, Mandarin, Spanish
-Integrated Semester-long Global Connections Program: India, The Silk Road, Latin America, Africa
-Eighth Grade China Journal Project (English, history, science)

Upper School:
-Three year world languages requirement
-Humanities elective offerings: The Family and Society in India and China, International Relations, Africa and the Middle East, World Religions
-Global Studies Diploma Program
-Winterim Travel Program

Curricular Connections to Winterim Travel Program
-Galapagos Islands: studying ecology of the various islands, daily journal writing
-Belize: studying the history and culture of the Garifuna people, life cycle of the Belizian Blue Butterfly, Belizian cave system, rain forest
-China: connection to Mandarin curriculum
-Italy: connection to the rise and fall of the Roman empire, the Italian Renaissance, reading Pompeii by Robert Harris
-Ireland: connection to the preservation of writing during the Middle Ages, reading about the history of Ireland
-New Orleans: community service with The Saint Bernard Project, reading Zeitoun by Dave Eggers

Post-Winterim Connections
-students will visit Lower School homerooms to present about their trips and make connections to curriculum in LS homerooms
-students will present their research projects to the community in an exhibition in May
-students are using weShare to develop essential questions and will share their projects in the weShare platform

Upper School:
-Three year world languages requirement
-Humanities elective offerings: The Family and Society in India and China, International Relations, Africa and the Middle East, World Religions
-Global Studies
Diploma Program
-Winterim Travel

What role has Ireland played on a global stage? How has Ireland prevailed during the recent economic crisis as a member of the European Union? How has Ireland preserved its identity throughout history?
New Orleans:
Community service with The Saint Bernard Project

Group Read:
Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
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