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The Digestive System

Learn about the Digestive System


on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of The Digestive System

The Intestines
The Exit
The Mouth
Wheeee!!!The long, narrow path from your mouth to your stomach is the esophagus.Food goes down the esophagus due to tiny muscles.
Flush! After a long and hard journey, the digestive system is complete, as the poop, or "Feces" have left the body, and the nutrients have entered the blood stream to the organs.
After the food converted to chyme in
the stomach, it enters the intestines, and here is where the nutrients
enter the body and the rest of the
chyme goes to the rectum.The appendix is a useless organ on the end of the large intestine.
Abe Barlow,
Gabe Mora,
Alejandra Straessle,
Andrea Gonzalez, and
Jose Javier Molina.
The mouth is the entrance to the digestive system.After the food enters the mouth it begins the trip down the long, gross journey through the dreaded digestive system!
Your salivary glands, which create saliva, actually have little rocks which create it, and with saliva and the food combined, the food becomes bolus.
Fun Fact
Food takes about 8-10 seconds to travel down the esophagus.
Fun Fact
The process of digestion takes from 22-24 hours, depends on what foods you ate, how much you ate, and what the other parts of the body were doing at the time.
Fun Fact
The Digestive System
Fun Fact
Fun Fact
pH is a measurement of how bad the acid burns. Milk is more acidic than acid rain in the pH measurement.
Splash! Food lands in the stomach. Here, it takes an acid bath in a substance called hydrochloric acid.Here, the food is changed to a thick liquid called chyme.
There are no tubes that lead from the
intestines to the blood streams or veins
where the nutrients travel through the
body, instead it goes through the
intestine wall.
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