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Conventions of Magazines

No description

Ben Wilson

on 24 June 2015

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Transcript of Conventions of Magazines

Conventions of magazines contents page
Conventions of a magazine article.
The majority of magazine articles have a heading which is usually a pun or a play on words, relating to the article itself.
Types of magazines
There are many different types of magazines out there which you can buy, ranging from a whole variety.
In conclusion, as you can see, when you compare magazines close up to one another, you start to see many small differences which you wouldn't notice if you wasn't looking.
Conventions of Magazines covers
A magazine cover is the first thing you see, which is why they're generally big and bold, showing off as much as possible which is in the magazine itself.
See how the side stories go over the woman to make you notice them as a big story.
The layers seem to be in order of significance, the title is the least important as she is silhouetted in front of it.
Contents pages vary, depending on what the magazine is all about.
They can be split into sub sections or just list topic after topic. This contents page has been split into chapters to help navigate the book.
The format is similar but there are hardly any stories with no other images and other stories.
Comparing the two, you can see they are completely different, one is showing lots of story lines on the front cover to advertise what is inside, where as the second one has just one specific story, giving it a mature feel.
some contents pages will just list what pages things are on, others will have each part broken down into chapters to help you navigate the book quicker
Then above the text will be a smaller text, which is used to interest the reader so you read on. it is usually quite witty and humorous.
Some articles have a quotation of speech or part of the article which is interesting so you feel the need to read on and find where it actually is.
Articles tend to be split into columns, usually 3.
The types of magazine depend on how each article is presented and the way in which is written, also it has a little to do with what it is about, but that tends to be refereed to as the genre of the magazine.
Different 'types' of magazine are:
Personality Sketch
Personal Experience
Types of magazine continued...
Personality Sketch
The personality sketch is a short biography that includes an individual’s achievements.
Personal Experience
-Unusual adventures, unique accomplishments, rare travel experiences and countless other personal experiences lend themselves to treatment in this type of article.
-The confession article is not necessarily a “shocker” or scandal story. Instead, it is an “inside story” of conditions or problems normally unfamiliar to the average reader.
- An account told from a persons point of view, but not to be confused with personal experience, its usually someone telling a story from their view.
- I
s a magazine generally about things that are handy and useful, they tend to be electronics, as during this day and age they are high in demand e.g a power drill.
An interview is a conversation between two or more people where questions are asked by the interviewer to elicit facts or statements from the interviewee. Interviews are a standard part of journalism and media reporting.
A featurette magazine article is when the magazine has an exclusive to show about a new upcoming movie or song etc.
Genres of magazines
There are many different Genres of magazines out there which you can buy, ranging from a whole variety.
The genre of a magazine can be confused with the type of magazine, the genre of magazine actually depends on what is inside the magazine itself as appose to how the articles are written, which is the type.
Different 'genres' of magazine are:
Women's (like Cosmopolitan, Glamor, Marie Claire 0
-Men's (like Maxim, GQ)
-Teen (Seventeen, Teen Vogue)
-News Magazines (Time, Newsweek etc.)
-Home and Garden
-Music/Entertainment (Rolling Stone,Entertainment Weekly, Giant etc..)
-Gossip Magazines (Star, In Touch, People)
-Fashion Magazines
These are of course not all the genres of a magazine, but these are the best selling and most popular.
Audience Targeting
When a magazine is created, it is usually specifically targeted to a certain audience, therefore the layout will change, the way its written, the pictures used and what is actually in the magazine itself.
These are just some of the features that magazines companies are looking to appeal to:
Social Class
See if you compare each magazine, they are presented in the same manner but the stories inside are very different e.g one focuses on vanity and one focuses on your health, ironically.
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