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Moiari (Fates)

No description

davi murray

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of Moiari (Fates)

Birth of the Moiari
There are some rumors that they can be the daughters of Zeus also rumors to be the daughters of Nyx (Night).The rumors of Nyx seem more logical because Nyx is more dark and the Moirai can be thought of as evil because they determine the deaths; but then again it can be Zeus because they are powerful. Zeus can barely interfere with the Moirai. Also hat can be thought of as evil but they don't mean to be evil.
Each Moiari
Moiari's scene in "Hercules" and behind the scene of "Percy Jackson: The sea of Monsters"
Moiari (Fates)
The Moiari come in the form of 3 women. Clotho: The spinner ( The past)
Lachesis: The drawer of lots ( The present)
Atropos: The women who carried the sheers and pulled people into life and/or death (The Future)
The Moirai controlled the thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. They are said to all share 1 eye for all 3 of them. They also are all old and ugly. They were independent, they directed the fates of mortals, and said that the fate assigned to every person was because of their own actions and could not blame the Moirai for their own fate. The gods could not mess with them, although Zeus's relationship with them is questionable. They say he is the only one who can command them (the Zeus Moiragetes), others say he could not interfere with what they do.
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