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Kurt Cobain

No description

Reinhard Schmidt

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain
general information
- born: February 1967
- died: April 1994
- establisher (=Gründer) and lead singer of Nirvana
- inducted (=eingeweiht) into Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
- ancestors: irish, english, scottish, german
- parents: Wendy and Donld Cobain (divorced)
- wife: Courtney Love
- uncle: Chuck Fradenburg
- daughter: Frances Cobain
early life
-had an imaginary friend: Boddah
-early interest in music
-the age of 4 he sang songs like "Hey Jude"-The Beatles
-was 7 when parents divorced--> personality change
-began to bullying a boy at school -->therapy
-Cobain befriended a homosexual student at school
-two weeks prior to graduation, he dropped out of school
-banished from mother´s home--> lived under a brige
health history
-attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
-bipolar disorder (=manisch-depressiv)
-at the age of 13 first contact with drugs--> marijuana
-consumed LSD
-alcoholism and solvent abuse (= Rauschgift)
-1986 first experience with heroin --> got addicted
-first rehab attempt in 1992
-he suffered through withdrawal (=Entzugssyndrom)
-Cobain´s heroin use resumed
-1993 Cobain took an overdose
-March 1 , 1994, diagnosed with bronchitis and laryngitis (= Kehlkopfentzündung)
-Cobain took an overdose of Rohhypnol and champagne--> five days in the hospital
-Cobain agreed to undergo a drug detoxification (=Drogenentzug)
-escaped from the facility
-April 2 , 1994, Cobain was spotted all around Seattle
-April 8 , 1994, Cobain´s dead body was discovered

1. general
2. family
3. early life
4. music
5. Nirvana
6. health history
7. death
- began to play guitar with 13 years
- met Krist Novoselic in high school
- recorded "Bleach" with Krist and Chad Channing
- didn't like his style --> searched for a new drummer
- recorded "Nevermind" with Novoselic and Dave Grohl
- over 75 million albums sold worldwide
- Nirvana made grunge popular around the world
(Grunge: Subgenre of alternative Rock)
- influenced (= beeinflusst) by the beatles and 1970s hard rock and metal bands
- very unique (= einzigartig),
raspy (=krächzend) voice

Thank you for paying attention
list of references
Suicide note to his imaginary friend Boddah
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