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Marcia Tate

Susie Geller

on 6 May 2010

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Brain Based Learning 20 Strategies Today's Brain - How Is It Different? Brain Compatible Classroom Color Music Seating Celebrations 1. 2. Story Telling 3. Mnemonic Devices 4. Visuals 3 REASONS 5. Movement 6. Role Play 7. Visualization 8. Metaphor/ Analogy/ Simile 9. Reciprocal Teaching /
Cooperative Learning 10. Music 11. Graphic Organizers 12. Drawing 13. Humor 14. Discussion 15. Games 16. 17. Field Trips 18. Work Study 19. Technology 20. Manipulatives Standing O Silent Cheer Music (Top Tunes for Teaching by Eric Jensen) How is it a good thing not to move forward???
"If students don't learn the way we teach them,
we must teach them the way they learn."
- Marcia Tate
What to cut?
What to keep?
What to create? "Education of the mind without
education of the heart is no
education at all."
- Marcia Tate
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