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Cyber bullying

No description

aneesa bhanji

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of Cyber bullying

What is Cyber Bullying?
Cyber bullying is using electronic media to say negative things about someone else. Also, pop-ups can be considered cyber bullying because it can be something that is inappropriate or it could be a bad message. People use Facebook, Twitter, Email and more social networking websites to hurt people's feelings.
Kids Help Phone
What we already knew!
Cyber Bullying!
Aneesa- I did get cyber bullied when I was on my iPad. I downloaded a game and I went on it. I saw a inappropriate picture and beside it was a note saying I hate you. That is my experience of cyber bullying. I deleted that game and told my mom.
My Story.

Hi! My name is Alexandra, I go to Westfield
High School. So, the other day, I was with my best friend at the mall and I met up with Snow. The obnoxious popular girl in my homeroom. "Hey dweebs, see you took the loser train here." said Snow. "Looks like you took the I'm a stuck up girl makeup with you cause, ewww." my best friend Jacklin said. "And, did you take the egg rolls at school, cause those were like 3 weeks old with moldy fish in them,". "NO!!!!! I am so getting you back for this Alexandra and Jacklin. Come on Lindsay, we got some getting compliments from boys to do!" Thats Lindsay, our friend. She hangs around Snow just to get her popularity boosted up, and when she is more popular than Snow, she will dump her like boys dump Jessie on that TV show.

PART 2: Tough Times are fun times.
I got home and I checked my phone. I got 1 new message. Jacklin? It said OMG! SISGTGYBAWYDCM! HUH??? "Alexandra! What did you say earlier in that text?" "DUH! Oh My God! Snow is so going to get you back after what you did, call me!" Speaking of which, I just got a unknown text. I am getting you back. Look out. <3.

"Snow, I know you are blackmailing me." "What?!? No, I'm gonna help you get to the bottom of this." "Really!" "Yeah, you know I've never held a grudge on you. Lindsay just told me to." "Lindsay is my blackmailer!".

PART 4: Mystery Over.
"Lindsay, its over. We called Juvie and they are taking you.."
By Jeremy, Kuljit and Aneesa
How to prevent Cyber Bullying.
You could tell an adult you trust like your teacher or your parents to block it, or to solve the problem. You can also ignore the message or the pop-ups. Another thing you could do is pray to help you to not get bullied.
A Quote!
I wish people could accept others for who they are , not for who they aren't. Stop Bullying, words hurt! We all have flaws in the end, so think before you speak, maybe you can save a life! -Dedicated to all the victims of bullying around the world, speak up!
I never got cyber bullied.
I never got cyber bullied.
Cyber bullying happens to all people. Don't be a bully or a victim.
Remember not to Bully!
The End
Somebody who has been cyber bullied!
Amanda Todd!
Amanda Todd is a girl who got
cyber bullied. She flashed for a
stranger and the stranger used it
against her. Results in drugs, alcohol.
At October 10th, 2012. She committed
suicide by hanging.
Bullying in HIGH SCHOOL.
What can happen?
Let's say that you have this best friend who've you known since kindergarten. She goes on the internet to any website, for example
and makes a fake account. There are multiple things she can do with this, but her main target is to be a bully. If that "friend" tweets "wow this gurrrl is sooooo lame, dont haang with herr" that is bullying. She could have wrote this because of a grudge that she is holding on to, or because of peer pressure. At school if you get bullied and someone hangs out with you they might not want to anymore because they are on pressure because everyone is saying stuff about you and she doesn't want to get laughed at for hanging out with you. That friend is now pretending to be someone else so that she could be "cool". When this happens you are supposed to tell an adult so that this doesn't get ay worse
People in High School get bullied a lot. They get bullied by certain types of people who cannot resist taking the offer. Somebody could get hurt by the older kids. Another one is that if you have facebook, people can blackmail you. O O They mostly use social networking sites to blackmail people. Some websites are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, E-Mail, Youtube (The Comments), and etc. Cyber Bullying is effecting people (adults and children) all around the world! If you can make a change, follow it. There are times when your best friend stuck up for you, now is your time to stick out for them. So take a chance, and stand up for them.
Cyber bullying is when you have someone sending you messages on a phone or device that can hurt your feelings. It can follow you into your home making you feel like you can’t escape. Cyber bullying can happen anywhere and at anytime. Some websites where cyber bullying can occur are Twitter, Facebook, MSN and etc. Cyber bullying is different because it’s harder to avoid and can also spread quickly. Cyber bullying effects over 40% of kids in the world.
Jeremy will now present a story!
Megan Meier
The bully was "Josh Evans" he was 16, and his profile pic looked attractive. Her mom recalled her asking if she could add him. Now, Josh Evans was a stranger online but in the real world he was so called a she. The bully was Megan's friend's mom. Well the answer that her mom gave was yes, you can add him. That was not very wise. Megan became friends with him online on myspace, but never connected with him in the real world. The fake story of Josh was that he was born in Florida and recently had moved to O'Fallon. He was homeschooled. He played the guitar and drums. He was from a broken home: "when i was 7 my dad left me and my mom and my older brother and my newborn brother 3 boys god i know poor mom yeah she had such a hard time when we were younger finding work to pay for us after he left." In the beginning when they first met he was really nice and kind. When time went by, he started saying things like you don't belong in this world or do the world a favor and die. "Megan had a lifelong struggle with weight and self-esteem," her mom says. "And now she finally had a boy who she thought really thought she was pretty." when Megan went on she saw people calling her fat and other terrible words. Three weeks before her birthday, Megan hung herself in a closet and died.
What to do if you've are being cyber bullied
You can...
1 Tell a trusted adult
2 Get anti virus software
3 Call kids help phone
4 Remain calm
6 Tell the police
7 Don't respond to that person
8 Always have parent supervision while using the internet.
9 Don't hurt yourself
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