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Sweden Music Group

No description

Patrick Tuohey

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Sweden Music Group

Self-Titled (2006) Independent Release

Desirion Of Conformity (2006) Independent Release

And So It Begins (2008) Rising Records

Severance (2010) Rising Records

Evolution (2011) Rising Records

Scourge Of The Omnipotent (2014) Independent Release

Social Media:





Single "Kolim Nem" Off Of The Upcoming Album
Under A Titan Sky
Sweden Music Group:
With offices in both Sweden and the U.S. (along with world-wide distribution), Sweden Music Group (SMG) offers an international - presence on and off the stage.

The SMG professionals were handpicked by founder Robert Jakobsson - making for a staff with a great degree of music industry experience. This experience has provided each member a chance to bring their extensive skill set to a new dynamic music venture.

The SMG team understands positive artist and distributor relationships - right down to music retailers and customers. A preparedness to help push artist releases in the right direction, with a solid grasp on financial planning, is met with close cooperation with everyone involved in each project - as the company is in the midst of working with such world class acts as DeathDealer, Cage, and Sworn Amongst.

A restoration of confidence in the music business is a top-priority. SMG wants everyone to know the amount of blood, sweat, tears, heart and soul that goes into each and every project that we work on. Giving back to the artist and ensuring the strongest music releases will mark SMG's ongoing success.


"Hammer Down" Off Of The Debut Release
(2013) Steel Cartel Records





Tour Dates:
"The Procedure" Lyric Video Off Of The Upcoming Album
Ancient Evil
Unveiled (1998) Eigenproduktion

Astrology (2000) Omega Records

Darker Than Black (2003) Massacre Records

Hell Destroyer (2007) Destroy All Records

Science Of Annihilation (2009) Music Buy Mail

Rise To Power DVD (2011) Music Buy Mail

Supremacy Of Steel (2011) Music Buy Mail

Tour Dates:
April 2nd - Boars Crossing (Carlsbad, CA)
April 11th - Romona Mainstage W/ Helstar (Ramona, CA)
April 18th - Malones (Santa Ana, CA)
June 20th - Ramona Mainstage W/ Riot (Ramona, CA)

Currently Booking European Dates
Social Media:




Chicago Blues All-Stars Promo Video:
Social Media:


July16th - Gasolina Rock and Metal Cafe (Waregem, Belgium)
July 17th - Little Devil (Tilburg, Holland)
July 18th - Musicon Den Hagaan (Den Haag, Holland)
July 19th - Verlichte Geest (Roeselare, Belgium)
July 20th - Gastatte Rheinpreussen (Mulheim, Germany)
July 22nd - Bastard Club (Osnabruck, Germany)
July 23rd - HOA Festival (Brande-Hornerkirchen, Germany)
July 24th - Come Inn (Renchen, Germany)
July 25th - Meat and Metal Festival @ Jan Hertog (Maasmechelen, Belgium)
July 28th - Gota Kallare (Stockholm, Sweden)
July 29th - Hardrocksklubb (Gavle, Sweden)
July 31st - Sticky Fingers (Gothenburg, Sweden)
August 1st - BAAAM Fest @ Gut Haarbecke (Kierspe-Ronsahl, Germany)
August 2nd - Spritzehaus ( Frankfurt, Germany)





Important Press, Reviews and Past Tours:
Metal Hammer: "Coming straight out of Hull with an army of destructive riffs and a ton of scowling brutality." 9/10

Rock Sound: "Severance plays like a thrash metal/hardcore hybrid with respectable influences from the likes of Death &
Stampin' Ground, Fans of DevilDriver will love this!" 9/10
Press and Album Reviews:
Quintessence (USA): "CAGE are the high-octane real deal version of all the great bands we ever worshiped and idolized"

Metal Domination (Greece): "Cage is the new big name in American power metal."

Hell Destroyer (2007) #1 on Soundcheck - CD of the Month Heavy Magazine (Germany)

Supremacy of Steel (2011) #1 on Soundcheck - CD of the Month Heavy Magazine (Germany)
Notable Information:
Chains Over Razors has been recording their debut album Crown The Villain with Rocker Records founder and iconic drummer Carmine Appice as their Executive Producer.

Release Schedule:

Release Date:
July 16, 2015
Sep 11, 2015
Oct 16. 2015
Oct 27, 2015
Jan 8, 2016
Jan 15, 2016
Mar 18, 2016
Dec 16, 2016

Death Dealer
Death Dealer
Sworn Amongst
Chains Over Razors
Sworn Amongst
Devil Land
Various Artists

Album Title:
Tour Edition
Hallowed Ground
Under A Titan Sky
Ancient Evil
Crown The Villain
Under A Titan Sky
Compilation-The Singles-2015/16

Product Format:
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case
CD-jewel case

Album Titles:
Tour Edition
Hallowed Ground
Release Dates:
July 16, 2015
September 11, 2015
Social Media:
Sworn Amongst
Album Title:
Under A Titan Sky
Release Dates:
October 16, 2015 (UK)
January 15, 2016 (US + Europe)
Album Title:
Ancient Evil
Release Date:
October 27, 2015
Social Media:
Additional Merchandishing:
Chains Over Razors
Album Title:
Crown The Villain
Release Date:
January 8, 2016
Devil Land
Album Title:
Devil Land
Release Date:
March 18, 2016
Devil Land
SMG Team Members
Robert Jakobsson

Patrik Magnusson

Per Bussmann
International Label Product Management

Creative Services

Chip Ruggieri
Senior Publicist

Cole Bernstiel
Publicity Coordinator
Ellie Dillon
Tour Publicist

Jennifer Farhood
Tour Publicist
Tour Marketing Coordinator

Matt Carlin
New Media Coordinator

John Pettigrass
Director Of Operations North America

Jennifer Potter
Product Management North America

Patrick Tuohey
Social Media Coordinator North America
Mission Statement
The solid foundation of Sweden Music Group is true dedication and emotional bonds to everything regarding music. Unlike the classic idea of "management" and "record labels," is managed by strong-minded and fiercely driven people - with great experience in this industry.

SMG is of the point of view within the music industry that stands for change, and will see it happen. The basic idea is constant expansion in all areas of the business. The bigger and stronger the network is, the more we can support the business side of the music industry in favor of our clients (which includes such world class acts as DeathDealer, Cage, and Sworn Amongst to start).

Everything states above combined with a passion for making different projects a reality for ourselves, as well as for people around us, we aim to be a record label making a difference.

We are dedicated to helping and nurturing our artists - not limit them. Join the SMG team and you will not be disappointed!
Chicago Blues All-Stars
Red, Hot & Blue
2014 Release North America
Ancient Evil Audio Book and E-Reader

"Ancient Evil" Flag

"Ancient Evil" Paperback Book

Bman's Blues Report: "Kick back, open up the speakers and let the blues hit you!"

Blue's Rock Review: "Red, Hot & Blue is an album that is skillfully and thoughtfully laid out, backed by incredible music talent..."

Chiago Blues Guide: "The band boasts an exciting who-iswho in its line-up that alone makes this CD a historical event."
Press and Album Reviews:
Warmaster CD Reviews:
Label Preparing To Release In Europe 2016
POWERMETAL webzine (Germany): "The album Judas Priest should have released after Painkiller."

Melting Album Reviews webzine (UK): "War Master is so damn heavy it should ome with a loin cloth and broad sword."

Decibel magazine (USA) - 9/10

Metal Storm webzine (Germany) - 90/100

MSN Music webzine (USA) - Album of the week

Sputnik webzine (USA) - 4/5

DeathDealer Limited Edition Metal Tour Package
- Warmaster Tour Edition Collectible Metal Tin
- Warmaster Album
- Limited Edition T-Shirt
- Battle Patch
- 3 Song Download Card "Hallowed Ground"
- SMG Bounce Back Card
- Stickers/Pin
Contact Us:
Official Address: BERGHEMSGATAN 41 804 27, Gävle
Mailing Address:Hammarby Alle 44 120 61 Stockholm, Sweden

Per Bussmann
Phone: +46 (0)70-3038178
Email: bussmann@swedenmusicgroup.com

John Pettigrass:
219 S. West Street Suite 202, Syracuse NY 13202 USA
Phone: +1 (315) 412-2922
Email: john@swedenmusicgroup.com

Web Address: http://swedenmusicgroup.com/

Facebook Address: www.facebook.com/swedenmusicgroup?fref=ts
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