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on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of tornado

Daultipur and Salturia Tornado
The damage was extensive over the area as countless trees were up rooted and every home within a six square kilometer area of the tornado's path was completely destroyed
How long did the tornado last
The tornado lasted 20 minutes or longer with wind speeds of 180-350 kph
The cost of damage
The cost of the damage was $1 to almost $2 million dollars The tornado was estimated to be approximately one mile wide, and had a path that was about 50 miles long, through the poor areas and slums of Bangladesh.
and 12,000 people were injured
Safety procedures
Weather emergency kit
If you are in house with a basement: Avoid windows. Get in the basement and under some kind of sturdy protection . Head protection, such as a helmet, can offer some protection also.
if you are in a house with no basement, a dorm, or an apartment: Avoid windows. Go to the lowest floor, small center room
Victoria Coleman
Savannah Haggard

If you are in a car or truck: Vehicles are extremely risky in a tornado. There is no safe option when caught in a tornado in a car, just slightly less-dangerous ones.
If you are in open outdoors: If possible, seek shelter in a sturdy building. If not, lie flat and face-down on low ground, protecting the back of your head with your arms.
The Fajita scale
The Fajita scale rating of this storm is unknown due to poor housing contraction and lack of data. In Bangladesh, housing contraction in the the poor area is very poor , so sometimes a strong gust of wind may knock over a home and kill the residents inside.
The Daulatpur–Saturia, Bangladesh Tornado was an extremely destructive tornado that occurred in the Manikganj District, Bangladesh on April 26, 1989. It was the costliest and deadliest tornado in Bangladesh's history. The tornado affected the cities of Daulatpur and Saturia the most, moving east through Daulatpur and eventually northeast and into Saturia.
There is great uncertainty about the death toll, but estimates indicate that it killed around 1,300 people, which would make it the deadliest tornado in history
Approximately 80,000 people were left homeless by the storm, and 12,000 people were injured by the storm. Saturia and Manikganj were both fully destroyed by the tornado
Tornado Frequency
Bangladesh is one of the countries with the highest frequency of tornadoes, behind the United States and Canada. Bangladesh has received other deadly tornadoes, but this particular storm was the worst in the country's history.

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