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"Grenade" by: Bruno Mars

No description

hannah scarbrough

on 31 March 2014

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Transcript of "Grenade" by: Bruno Mars

"Grenade" by: Bruno Mars
Hannah Scarbrough

The theme is a guy can love a girl so much that he is willing to do anything for her: catching a grenade, jumping in front of a train, throwing his hand on the blade, taking a bullet straight through his brain.He's willing to sacrifice his life so that she can live and his love can live on forever.
I love this song because it shows me the true meaning of love. It also shows me that not all guys jerks there are sympathetic ones out there that care about you.
What Type of Poem?
Bruno Mars song, "Grenade," is a lyric poem.
It is a lyric poem because it is expressing his feeling about how far he will go for one girl. Bruno Mars uses examples of what he would do for this girl like dying but he does not tell a story.
"Grenade" by: Bruno Mars
Poetic Devices
Allusion-Tell the devil i said hey is an allusion because he is referring to the devil.
Alliteration-Black, black, black and blue is alliteration because all of these words repeat initial consonant sounds.
Personification-If my body was on fire is personification because hes referring to his body like a fire because he is so hurt.
Song or Poem
This song is way better as a song because of Bruno Mars. The way he sings this song gives me chill bumps because you can feel the pain he is in. IT is very moving to know someone can care that much for someone.
Poetic Devices

Hyperbole- I'd jump in front of a train for you is a hyperbole because it exaggerates how far he would go for this women.
Oxymoron-Easy come, easy go is a oxymoron becauseit brings two opposite things together.
Repitition-Take, take, take it all is repitition because it repeats take.
Poetic Devices
Metaphor-I'd catch a grenade for you is a metaphor because it is comparing catching a grenade to experiencing pain, both physically and emotionally , in order to prover your love for someone.
Imagery-Throw my hand on a blade for you is imagery because it sets a picture in my head of the pain he is going through to get this person to love him the way he loves her.
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