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Aztec Economy Worldview

The title is pretty self-explanitory.

Nathan Taylor

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Aztec Economy Worldview

By Nathan, Lincoln, Tanner, Andrei, Chris, And Anna Aztec W rldview Economy Artifact #1 Cocoa Beans Cocoa What Aztecs used coca beans for: Artifact #2 Why did the Aztecz value gold? How do Aztecs value Jewelry? Artifact #3 Write artifact and put picture Artifact #4 Porcelain Why did the Aztecs value Porcelain? Write artifact #5 Why did the Aztecs value (artifact #5)? On to part II Coca beans are a ritual beverage and also used as currency. 400 Cocoa beans equaled one Zontli, and 8000 equaled one Xiquipilli. Jewelry Lip ornament This is an example of the type of jewelry the
Aztecs wore. Its worn by mainly the Nobles and
upper class people. This can be traded for cocoa
beans. Replicas of Aztec jewelry is still made up
to today. Feathers The Aztecs traded feathers. They were used along with gold to make headdresses;
which were only worn by the royalty. The Aztecs used porcelain to make beads, statues, jewelry, and pottery. Once made into such items, it's used to trade for cocoa. (This will take 1 minute)
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