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Healthy Computing

No description

Abril Zarankin

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Healthy Computing

Helthy Computing You always have to sit down properly ,in the middle of the chair and the position of the chair depends on your high,when you write your wrists should be straight so the fingers can rest on the keyboard and try to place the monitor 46 or 51 centimeters away

The display screen may reflect lights,task light,light from windows or clothing of a light color.The reflections and the resultant glare can increase the difficulty of visual work. Do your muscles occasionally feel stiff and sore even though all you've done troughout the day is work at a desck? The reason could be because you've been sitting in the same position for hours, with your body
"locked"in a single position.Or you've been using one set of muscules, repeating the same tasck or using forceful movements. The visual sistem is sensitive to changes in luminance over time.Several factors affect the actual sensitivity to changes, including the average luminance level,the frecuency of the changes, the amount of luminance change, the size of the area of changing luminance, and the part of the retina on which the image falls. Important measurements and angles:
top of the screen is at or below eye level,
viewing angle up 40 degrees,elbows placed
paralels to the keyboard,place the screen
20"-26"away from the eyes.

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