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Modal verbs

A presentation of the modal verbs for giving recommendations or advices: should, ought to, had better.

Carlos Arturo Ortiz Fornaris

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Modal verbs

We use "should" to
give an advice or a
recommendation "Ought to" is a
for "should",
so we also use
it for giving
advices We don't usually use "ought to" either in
negative sentences or in interrogative sentences. sHOULD OUGHT TO HAD BETTER Modal Verbs We use "should" to
give an advice or a
recommendation We use "had better (not)" to express stronger advices. It implies that there will be consequences if we don't follow the advice. We don't usually use "had better" in questions.
The contraction of "had better" is " ´d better " Sara has a splitting headache. She should take an aspirin Michael has a terrible toothache. He should see a dentist. My little sister suffers from stomachache. She shouldn´t eat much sweets. Robert is overweight. He shouldn't eat junk food. Should I stay in this hotel? Peter had a car accident. He ought to use crutches for three months. Tom has a fever He ought to stay in bed and take some pills Mr. Thomas has a terrible cough Mr. Thomas ought to take his medicine.
He shouldn´t go to work today. We had better warm up before the game or we´ll get a muscle cramp. It´s raining. She'd better not go out or she´ll catch a cold. She feels sick. She had better stay at home and rest or she won´t recover. Should she go out tonight? for giving advices - Yes, you should. It's very cheap
- No, you shouldn´t. You don' have much money.
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