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No description

alysa arnold

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of atmosophere

Double click anywhere & add an idea troposphere
this is the layer closest to us. it extends about 10-15 km. It contains 75% of the atmospheres mass. The temipture drops as u go higher. It averages about -60C. This layer contains water vapor. stratosphere' is 35 km deep and extends 15-50 km above earth. The lower part mostly stays the same tempiture while the higher it goes increases. It averages about -60C. Opposite of the troposphere. This is the middle layer. Most of the clouds and rain are in this layer. mesophere extends 50-80 km from earths surface. It is a cold layer inwich decreases in tempiture as farther away. Averages about -90C. This layer can stop metiors from going into the atmosphere creating fiery trail. This is also a middle layer. thermosphere extends about 80 km out.
The tempiture is very hot and could be as much as a thousand degrees or more. It averages about 1,800C. It recieves large amounts of energy from the sun. This is the last layer. It is also the biggest layer of all layers. Even the space station has its one of its stations here.
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