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Asma's Family Tree!!

No description

cheryl manley

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Asma's Family Tree!!

MY Grandmother!
My grandmothers name is
Mumtaz Begum.
My Grandfather!
My grandfather's name is
Shaida-e-Mohammed Habibi.
My Great Grandfather!
My great grandfather's name is Lal Mohanmed.
My Family Tree!
My Father's Family!
My Mother's Family!
My Great Grandfather!
My great grandfather's name is Jalal Uddin.
My Great grandmother!
My Grandmother!
My grandmother's name is Ishrath jehan.
My Grandfather!
Birthplace: U.S.A
Asra Jehan
Birthplace: India
Hafeezuddin Habibi
Birthplace: India
My great grandmother's name is Gousia Begum.
His birthplace was India.
Her birthplace was India.
Her birthplace is India.
My grandfather's name is wajid ali baig.
His birthplace is India.
His birth place was India.

My Great Grandmother!
My great grandmother's name is Mehamooda Begum.
Her birthplace was India.
His birthplace is India.
Her birthplace is India.
Who are my ancestors?
where did they originate from?
why did they leave their country?
Why did they choose canada?
where did they settle in Canada?
My Heritage!
My heritage is really intereting. I had lots of fun learning about my heritage and listening about it from my parents.
Now I will be talking about my ancestors!
Thank you for listening to my presentation. I hope you enjoyed it.
They never came,but they went to other countries near India.
They left India because of country division.
They originate from a small town in Hyderabad.
My ancestor were from the army.he was very brave and strong.He lived several months away from their families.
They didn't settled in Canada. They moved to other countries which is close to India.
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