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Scavenger Hunt for the Elements and Principles

ED528 TIP Project

Melanie Hughes

on 3 December 2010

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Transcript of Scavenger Hunt for the Elements and Principles

Digital Photography
Scavenger Hunt Population Hoover High School
11th & 12th Grades Overview Back in the
Classroom After a review of the Elements of Art and
Principles of Design,students will be assigned
to small groups. The students will then be
given a check sheet and will use digital cameras
as a group in order to find and document
examples of these compositional elements
around the school. After the scavenger hunt, students will discuss
with their groups the best photograph taken
for each element and principle. The students
then select, edit, and label one photograph for
each compositional element to be turned in. This activity was chosen because all art students
are required by the ACOS to learn the Elements
and Principles of design and we believe that this
cooperative activity will help reinforce this
subject-specific vocabulary. This activity will also
be used as a review for the semester exam. Benefits The Hunt Student
Photographs Proportion Variety Color Geometric Shape Organic Shape Line Emphasis Value Pattern
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