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teacher appreciation

To all my teachers on teacher appreciation week. i love you too the moon an back :D

Alexis Horton

on 5 May 2011

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Transcript of teacher appreciation

Teacher appreciation week the school year is almost over......SUMMER TIME!!!! When its all said and done, the day is over and weekends have come. you guys never stop working you put you're BACKS into it and you work HARDER then anyone i know. you are the reason i want to be a teacher, Because you are a HUGE influance on me and my life. and i love you dearly. You show the hard work and time thats worth fighting for.....you don't give up on your students and that why this week is for you. :)

It's taken me awhile to think what i wanted to say and how to say it. first i thought a kamail.... or a slideshow. but i realized Prezi was the best way to say it...
YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING! From Biology with Mrs. Bryant and Mrs. Robinson.....

you guys put the B in Biology!!!!!!

A BLAST TO BE WITH!!!!!!! and English with Mrs. Rice and Mrs. Herring ;)

Your elluminates are ALWAYS a blast to come to and i look forward to them every week!!!!!!!! Health with Mrs. Joiner!!!!!

I love every video you post, and your upbeat attitude! 1,2,3,4

lets get the math teachers on the floor!!!!

Mrs. Mitchell!
Mrs. Hall!
Mrs. Blankenbecler!
Mrs. long
And all though i dont know her well Mrs. Smith

I love hearing your Beautiful voices in the mornings! always up beat and ready to learn!!!!!!!....or on your behalf Teach!!! And History with Mrs. Pain and Mrs. Cowan

You guys really bring us down to earth :)

I'm sorry but i had to add the 5 themes of GEOGRAPHY

haha i think of you when i hear it :) And now that i'm done with my Cheesy sayings, againg i just want to say one thing I love you and though i dont have spanish, I want Highlight the spanish teacher who is amazing...even though she dosen't know me....:)

Mrs. wattley and the Special ED teachers who might not know me....:) i know you and the hard work you do!

Mrs.DeBruhl and Mrs. McClain
Because you are a hero......
this is for you

A hero lies in you...... Last video i promise ;) just to give you a boost in your week!!!!!!!!!! have an amazing weekend! and last but NOT least Counselors & Advisors, where with out them we wouldn't be the GCA warriors we are today.

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Harris :)
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