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TDEC Winter, 2015

No description

Martha Ban

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of TDEC Winter, 2015

TDEC - Winter, 2015
is a new Student Information System customized for our SDA system by STI.
Will replace Small School Minder
Pricing in same ball park
Designed for PK-12
Pilot running now with 10 schools
Totally cloud based.
Accessible on any device, any OS.
Watch for SIS information in early April updating our approved SIS vendor products.
Technology Resources
Learn360 will not be renewed.
eBooks through Britannica School will be introduced this fall. Beginning with 170 titles available to schools/students at no cost.
Data Rollup
Largest confusion has been with FTE, Head Count and Classified categories. Opening Report Assistant will give detailed help.
Cumulative Record Report coming (Digital Cum Folder)
Martha Ban is available for Conference or Union workshops
Check the Adventist Education Technology site often for new/
The OETC is a consortium of K-20 educational organizations that aggregates our buying power, knowledge, and expertise to procure great technology at even better pricing and then integrate it to improve education.
Working to improve billing/shipping process
Contact your TDEC rep for more information
Check otec.org pricing before purchasing anywhere else
Substantial savings for schools
Opening Report Assistant in place for next fall.
Technology Standards
Technology Standards for K-8 will soon be released
Focus is on user-friendliness and the average SDA classroom teacher
Based on six core concepts and three domains: Why, What, Who - accompanied with content, skills and examples
Accreditation Document for School Evaluations
Piloting in 2016
Electronic document
Data for schools using SIS compatible with Data Rollup will be imported to the document

Physical Genesis
Investigates health behaviors and fitness levels of children and adolescents and their relationship to health in the context of their school and home environment.
Data Collection: March 1 - April 15, 2015
Adventist Learning Community
March 1 is the anticipated launch date
Digital Copyright for Teachers & Pastors
Courses coming to help obtain new teacher specialist options for certification in the technology area.
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