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No description

Hannah Lawson

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Scotland

By Hannah Lawson
The capital of Scotland is Edinburgh and Glasgow in Scotland there is lots of places to go and see.
Location Location
In Scotland,Scottish people have an accent.Scottish people speak English and speak in scottish go to the next slide and it will show you how to say hello and how are you.This is how you say how are you in Scottish, Hou ar ye?
This is how you say hello in Scottish , Halo.
Speaking in Scotland
How Scottish people dress

The national flag
Scotland’s national flag is thought to be the oldest national flag in Europe.

The Scotland flag is called the Saltire and with a white diagonal cross on a blue background, it represents the St Andrew, Scotland’s patron saint.
Watch this video of me doing Highland Dancing for 30 second.
Highland dancing >
Highland dancing is a style of competitive dancing in the Scottish Highlands
Scottish Shortbread
Taste this outstanding shortbread that I made today!!!
Please give me some feed back.
Scottish currency
In Scotland they use pounds
Here is a photo of the money
Look at this photo and it will show you how Scottish people dress sometimes.They wear a kilt and an argyll jacket.
Scotland art
Fun facts
My mums maiden name, Highet has a coat of arms
Scottish art is art made in Scotland, or Scottish subjects, since olds times. Scottish art has formed with European art.
The Scottish currency is worth tiwce as much as New Zealand.
[$2 NZ is worth 1 pound of Scottish
My Grandad is from Scotland
Scotland festivals
Traditional Scottish Festivals are in Edinburgh.The celebration of bringing the New Year, is not the only traditional festival in Scotland. 31 December, in Edinburgh. Hogmanay.
Look next to me and I will show you a piece of art that I made.I made celtic art.
The coat of arms of New Zealand is the a symbol of New Zealand. The coat of arms was allowed by King George V on 26 August 1911 and then was allowed by Queen Elizabeth II in 1956.
Scottish national anthem
Saying Hello and how are you
Have a look at this video of me doing the scottish national anthem.Did you know that the scottish national anthem is about a flower called Thistle
As you can see the Scottish money has different photo on it.The 1,10 and 50 all have the same photo and the 5 and the 20 have the same photo
Thanks for watching
Guid cheerio the nou!
Good bye
This shortbread is tradtional because in scotland they eat shortbread all the time and they have lots of recipes.
1 cup of corn flour
2 cup of flour
250 grams of butter
1 cup of icing sugar
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