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By: Mollie Jenkins, Lauren Rose, Alisa Samadani, & Fatima Rahman P.2

Fatima Rahman

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Rikki-tikki-tavi

Setting: The setting is in India during the late 1800s. It is during the summer. It takes place in the house and in the garden. The setting is integral to the story! If there was no house, then there would be no reason for Rikki to fight the snakes to protect the people. If they were in a different place in a different country there would be different characters. Characters Rikki-tikki is the protagonist, he is an orphaned mongoose. Nag and his wife, Nagaina, are the antagonists, they are cobras. Some of Rikki-tikki's strengths are: he is very curious. That is how he found the snakes. He is also very brave and protective. Some of his weaknesses are he can be impatient and impulsive. He cares about his family and his friends. He takes action out of pure curiosity. Rikki-tikki likes to think of helping his friends and family. He is motivated by Teddy's family to do what he does because they were good to him. Plot! The exposition is when Rikki-tikki is found by the family of people. The beginning is the exposition!
The rising action is when he meets Nag and Nagaina. Another part of the rising action is when he fights Nag and kills him.
The climax would be when he's fighting Nagaina. He tricks her and her eggs are eaten.
The falling action is when Nagaina dies in a hole. (For real :O )
The resolution is when Rikki-tikki is recognized as a hero and no snake dares to come near the house. Foreshadowing... There is foreshadowing in the story! For example, before Nag is revealed, there are hints that he is coming. There are movements in the grass, and they talk about him. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi Conflict The conflict, or problem, in the story, is that Rikki-Tikki wants to kill the snakes Nag and Nagaina; Nag and Nagaina want to get rid of Rikki-Tikki. These are internal conflicts.

Man vs. Society (Rikki vs. Nag/Nagaina)

The conflicts are resolved in the end when Rikki-Tikki kills Nag and Nagaina. Theme The theme implied in this story is:
Never let anyone get in your way,
no matter what you have to do. The theme
is externally stated all throughout the story by telling how Rikki-Tikki never stopped until Nag and Nagaina were defeated and the family of people were safe. Figurative Language One example is: "...he could fluff his tail till it looked like a bottle brush."
Another example is: "...Rikki-tikki saw the spectacle mark on the back of it that looked exactly like the eye part of a hook-and-eye fastening." Symbolism... The symbolism in the story is that Rikki-Tikki represents people in life, and the snakes Nag and Nagaina represent the obstacles in life. If a person is determined enough to succeed in life, then they can outcome any obstacle in life. THANKS FOR WATCHING! :)

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