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The Great Gatsby

No description

jasmine brouhard

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby

Contrast's an Contradictions
Aha! moment.
Again and again
Words of the wise
Tough questions?
Memory Moment
Nick has contradicting feelings of suspicion and sympathy for Gatsby.

Contrasts between the dark and light imagery being the liveliness and constant flicker.
Nicks dad at the beginning of the chapter gave Nick advice, reminding him that whenever he feels like criticizing anyone, to remember that all the people in the world haven't had the advantages that he has.

Nick gives Gatsby advice after the party that daisy attended saying " you cant repeat the past" but Gatsby disagreed and said "Sure you can."
Aha! nick finally realized the reason Gatsby was just buttering up to him was because he needed a favor. He wants nick to ask Daisy to come over for tea.

We see nick has a rather embarrassing "Aha" moment when he meets Gatsby and doesn't realize its him...

"I'm Gatsby...i thought you knew old sport?"
In the Great Gatsby what i see again and again in the book, was the incident when people make so many assumptions up about Gatsby.
"Somebody told me he killed a man"," or that he was a german spy during the war"
The green light at the end of Daisy's dock is repeated many times through the book. The green light represents the hopes and dreams for gatsby's future.

Who does Daisy love?

Who was really driving when Myrtle was hit by the car
Owl eyes is important because he gives us one of the first hints that Gatsby is a fraud. Owl eyes shows a genuine interest (or something akin to it) in Gatsby..

Jasmine Brouhard
The Great Gatsby
Nick Carroway, the protagonist, has recently moved from the midwest to get his career started in New York. He lives on the island of West Egg (which is poorer) across from East Egg (richer) where his pompous friends Tom and Daisy live. They gossip and party a lot, and Tom is cheating on Daisy with a lady named Myrtle Wilson. Everyone knows except for Daisy and Mr. Wilson.

Nick lives next door to a mysterious man named Gatsby, who throws legendary parties, but no one knows anything about him. Nick becomes friends with him and learns that he is in love with Daisy. They almost married when they were younger, but he was too poor and decided to wait. He gets with Daisy again, and they have an affair.

Tom is suspicious of this, and he tries to prove that Gatsby is not who he seems. Daisy becomes enraged at Tom's condescending, superior, chauvenist attitude, and says that she will leave Tom for Gatsby. However, she then finds out that Gatsby is not the respected pharmacist he claims to be. He gets his money through bootlegging.

Daisy then refuses to leave Tom for him, and makes him drive her home. Daisy is at the wheel when the car hits someone- coincidentally, Myrtle Wilson, Tom's other woman.

Mr. Wilson discovers his wife's affair, and asks around about the car that hit her (it is bright yellow and immediately recognizable). So, thinking that Gatsby hit her, Mr. Wilson goes to Gatsby's house and shoots him, and then shoots himself.

Gatsby dies alone, because no one shows up to his funeral except for Nick and his father. Tom and Daisy go to Chicago and Nick never sees them again
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