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Welcome to the Black Parade

No description

Nicole Vingerhoeds

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Welcome to the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance Welcome to the Black Parade Welcome to the Black Parade The End My Chemical Romance Tone: The singer uses many emotions. He feels love and defiance and uses grief, suffering, courage, and fight to enhance these feelings. Poetic Devices The theme of the song is that life will go on, but it will be hard, but people need to fight back against death and life. People need to make their lives their own, be proud of them and carry on with their lives despite their struggles to survive. Theme This song was written by My Chemical Romance about a man with cancer who is going to die. His death comes in his favorite memory, and his father tells him to be strong and set an example for others. The Patient has to deal with how to come to terms with his death and is welcomed into the afterlife by his deceased father. Analysis What Does the Title Mean? The title means that someone is dyin and in his
death he sees a "black parade" coming to get him. Summary A man dying of cancer,"The Patient", relives a memory of his father taking him to see a marching band and realizes he and others will carry memories of the dead and broken. He remembers his father, and others who are defeated will remember him and carry on with their lives despite their scars. The dead father will lead "The Patient", his son, to death as the leader of the parade, but life and death will go on. Essentially, death is a parade, and it will always march on. Main Idea The subject is "The Patient" whose death comes
in the form of a memory. This has happened
recently or will soon happen on "The Patient"'s
deathbed. Point of View: The main perspective of this song is "The Patient". The song starts with "The Patient" telling his best memory of childhood. Then, he is tells his father he'll carry on and remember him. Then, the Black Parade sing that they will also carry on with life, and remember people, but be their own people because they have strength from their struggles. Alliteration:
" . . . savior of the broken, the beaten and the damned"
This alliteration shows the different types of defeated people that need help. The "b" sound is harsh and shows the hurt of these people.
" . . . reeling from decimated dreams . . ."
The majority of their dreams have been crushed by the world, they have been cast away. The "d" sound is crisp and detached; the world no longer cares.
" . . . Your weary widow marches . . ."
The people have been struggling with losing someone or a lot, and even though they are exhausted they keep marching. The "w" is softer and tired, but still persistent.

There is an emphasis on people and their feelings in the alliterations used in this song. Significant Repetition:

"We'll carry on,
We'll carry on
And though you're dead and gone believe me
Your memory will carry on
We'll carry on"

The phrase "We'll carry on" is repeated many times
in the chorus and in the verses, because it is so
important. It is the central idea of the song, that life
goes on no matter what. Rhyme Scheme:
At first it looks like this song is just
written in free verse. There is some structure to the
verses and they do rhyme in parts, but it isn't consistent throughout the dong. There is also some internal rhyme.
6th Stanza: " . . . dreams A
us all B
So paint it black and take it back C
and clear D
the call B
The rhyme scheme in this stanza is ABCDB. There is also internal rhyme (black and back). These rhymes help with the rhythm of the song, but also to convey emotions more easily. "A world that sends you reelingfrom decimated dreams
Your misery and hate will kill us all
So paint it black and take it back
Let's shout it loud and clear
Defiant to the end we hear the call
To carry on
We'll carry on This part of the song is basically a statement of the theme, and then the song describes how the people live after they have discovered how they can survive. This song sums up and is from the album "The Black Parade", which was released September 11, 2006. It was made into a music video. It went to number one and stayed there for seven weeks on the Modern Rock Charts. In the beginning of the song, "The Patient" remembers when his father took him to see a marching band and told "The Patient" he had to be a saviour, a good example because his father was going to die soon. "The Patient" is not ready to die, although he knows his father will be waiting for him, the Black Parade convinces him that everything is fine. Near the end, "The Patient" thinks he is normal, but then is told that people will remember him. This song is also about a man coming to terms with his death. The songwriter's attitude is that life will go on, but people will remember all that they have lost. My Interpretation:
I think that this song is a beautiful, but tragic, idea. I think that The Black Parade is a parade of all the people in the afterlife that played a part in "The Patient's" life that are now welcoming "The Patient" to join them.
The song is saying that life will go on, and people will go on with their lives, but they will remember people who are no longer there, and fight harder to survive because of that.
The song is also saying that life and death will continue, and you can't stop that, you can only try to survive as an individual.
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