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Checks and Balances

C-SPAN YouTube videos to show the three branches of the federal government in action. Watch it on autoplay or click through yourself. Then save a copy and move the videos from the inner circle out to the branch of government they exemplify.

Ben Bohmfalk

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Checks and Balances

U.S. Capitol Building Legislative Judicial Supreme Court Executive President police House Senate Checks and Balances Speak directly to Congress and the country Nominate Federal Judges To assess your knowledge of the three branches of government, see if you can tell which branch of government is shown in each video in this inner circle.
Watch a video, then drag it into the outer circle of the branch of government it exemplifies.
Try to identify what power or process the video shows, then label it accordingly.
To edit this Prezi, click "save a copy," then "edit." Separation of Powers Three Branches of Government Confirm or reject Presidential appointments
"Advise and Consent" powers Make national laws Control spending on war and foreign policy Pass national laws Hold hearings on foreign policy issues Negotiate agreements with foreign countries Commander in Chief Sign bills into law Enforce federal laws Settle disputes over the law Represent constituents' interests in the federal government Monitor federal agencies' effectiveness Respond to national emergencies and natural disasters Hold investigative hearings Hold oversight hearings of executive agencies Propose a federal budget Testify before Congressional committees Run regulatory agencies White House Interpret the meaning of the U.S. Constituion Protect individual rights from government power Make unbiased decisions about the meaning of the law Act as an independent, nonpolitical branch of government
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