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Alcohol vs Marijuana

No description

Javeed Kassam

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Alcohol vs Marijuana

Alcohol vs Marijuana
a review by Javeed Kassam
Why do we do it?
It's Just "Fun"
Social Bonding
Stress Relieving
More Alcohol Side
More Marijuana Side
Feels Good
So What's The Problem?
We have laws
Health Concerns
Undesirable Outcomes
Protect People

Panic Attack
Psychotic Symptoms
Impaired Short Term Memory
Impaired Muscle Coordination
Up to 3x increase (Marijuana) vs 15x increase (Alcohol) of MVA
Short Term Effects
Long Term Effects
Correlational - Combined with Others

Bronchitis/Respitory Function Impairment
Reproductive Effects = None/Unclear
CNS Impairment = None/Unclear
Correlation Increase of Mental Health - 15 yr Swedish Study
Cancer = none/unclear (but smoke)

Measured w/ PET, EEG, FMRI

Respiratory Damage
Alcohol Poisoning
Impaired Muscle Coordination
Short Term Effects
Long Term Effects
Cancer - Multiple places
Cardiovascular Disease
Cirrhosis (Severe Liver Damage)
Nerve Damage
Brain Damage
Damage to Immune System
The List Goes On...

Why do we have laws?
Approximately 2.5 Mill Alcohol Related Deaths in World
Approximately 30,000 Marijuana Related Deaths in World

37% of Traffic Deaths Are From Alcohol
- Approximately 30 Every Day in US
2/3 of Intimate Relationship Violence = Alcohol
Spousal Abuse Rate is Higher at 75%
Almost 40% of Crime is Under The Influence
Marijuana is Rarely Associated With Crime
No valid association between Marijuana & domestic violence
Survey Results
Over 50% of people consumed alcohol >= 1 a week
50% of people never had Marijuana & 25% have it less than once a month
>50% of people have undesired effects of Alcohol more than 10% of the time
93% of people who smoke weed do NOT have undesired effects
Almost 70% of people agree that Alcohol is more dangerous than Marijuana
Almost 70% of people agree Alcohol is more addictive
Alcohol Laws
- In all states - alcohol consumption is legal if over 21

Marijuana Laws
-Posession & Sale in all states except for Colorado
and Washington
- 20 States where medical Marijuana is legal
(includes California)
Thank You :)
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