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More About Verbs

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Saira Mahmood

on 3 February 2013

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Transcript of More About Verbs

(Helping verbs, verb phrase, and verb tenses) More About Verbs! Verb phrase A verb phrase consists of a main verb and a helping verb. Activity Verb Tenses The tense of a verb tells us the time of the action or being Helping Verbs A verb that comes before the main verb in a sentence For example: They are walking to the park. helping verb main verb How to make a verb phrase... There are only helping verbs. The 23 helping verbs may
was do
can shall Present tense tells that something is happening now.
Example: Ayisha performs in the show.

Past tense tells that something happened in the past.
Example: Ayisha performed in the show.

Future tense tells that something will happen in the future.
Example: Ayisha will perform in the show.

*With future tense, use will with the verb. Miming: Present Continuous

1. I will bring a bowl around with scraps of paper
2. From your group of two, one of you will pick one and
act it out
3. Your partner will have to guess what you are acting out
4. When you are done come to me with your paper and
I will give you another one
5. Take turns acting out the scenes Verbs train game: http://www.brianpcleary.com/words/index.html Spinning wheel tenses game:
http://www.eslgamesworld.com/members/games/grammar/perfectpast/spin%20wheel%20present%20past%20tenses.html Got a Verb Phrase PowerPoint Fix It! Directions: Fix each sentence by changing the helping verbs. Helping Verbs 1. I is looking at the paper

2. She am standing up

3. The dogs is barking. 4. The boys and girls is playing

5. Blue ih my favorite color

6. I is not hungry right now 7. The dog and the cat is playing Verb Phrases We could have saved more money.

The tide was creeping in.

Mike will ride in the back seat.

The water has been running all morning.

The player could not hear the coach.

It might be a long wait.

Selma would have stayed out of the rain. The morning is looking beautiful.

Weddings can be expensive.

Tonight should be more fun than yesterday.

Friday’s game may have been the best one of the year.

The batter did trot around the bases.

Ron is being sent to Denmark on business.

Divers are sifting through the remains of the old ship. Underline the helping verb once and the main verb twice. 1) I (run) _________ _________ now.
2) I (talk) _________ _________ now.
3) You (get) __________ _________ hungry now.
4) You (eat) _________ _________ now.
5) We (plan) _________ _________ the vacation now.
6) They (play) _________ _________ the game now.
6. The ball flies through the air. _____________________________
7. It landed over the fence. _____________________________
8. Daniel will run around the bases. __________________________
9. The crowd screams loudly. _____________________________
10. He will slide into home plate. _____________________________
11. Daniel's teammates cheered. _____________________________
12. Daniel smiled proudly. Tell whether the verb is past tense, present tense, or future tense. 1. Daniel will choose a baseball bat. _____________________________
2. He steps up to the plate. _____________________________
3. The pitcher tossed the ball. _____________________________
4. Daniel will swing hard. _____________________________
5. The ball struck the bat. _____________________________ 7) They (stop) _________ _________ the game now.
8) He (swim) _________ __________ in the pool now.
9) He (sleep) _________ _________ in the bed now.
10) She (shop) _________ _________ at the mall now.
11) She (eat) _________ _________ with her friends now. Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in present progressive tense. Example: He / She / It (run) is running now. Did you learn something new today?
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