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Corporate Social Responsibility: Zara vs. J Crew

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Shannon Lynch

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Corporate Social Responsibility: Zara vs. J Crew

Company Information
NYC headquarters
Clothing, Shoes Accessories
Founded in 1989
More than 300 stores in US, Canada, France, and England
Owned by TPG Capital and Leonard Green and Partners
Crewcuts, Madewell, Factory Stores
Organizational Culture and the Environment
Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
Vital to organization
Code of vendor conducts, monitor/ improve supplier conditions
Use ethically obtained materials
Recycled bags and catalogs
Fair Factories Clearinghouse
School related organizations
Company Information
Based in Galicia
Spanish clothing and accessories company with offices and locations across the globe
2,000 stores in leading cities across 88 countries
Owned by Inditex, the world’s largest apparel retailer -- over 4,460 stores worldwide
Inditex's flagship chain store
Organizational Culture and the Environment
“Teamwork, open-communication channels and self-imposed high standards”
"Everyone is heard and anyone can voice their ideas.”
Code of Conduct and Responsible Practices
Committee of Ethics
Responsibility to society
hired with the mindset that there is always something new they can learn
encouraged to give back
"Aim to contribute to the sustainable development of society and that of the environment in which we interact."
Reduce energy used by 20% by updating the design of stores themselves as well as all lighting, heating and cooling systems.
Recycling of hangers, alarms and packaging
"In-company awareness campaigns” to educate their workers on sustainability
The transportation used to transport more than 200 million items of clothing a year uses 5% bio diesel fuel which results in a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by 500 tons
Ecological fabrics and organic cotton used on some of its products
Animal welfare policy
all products coming from animals must come from animals who have been treated in an ethical manner
Member of the “Fur Free Alliance” under Inditex
Corporate Social Responsibility: Zara vs. J Crew
Shannon Lynch & Margot Mejia-Johnston
Zara Company Website

Inditex Website

[http://www.inditex.com/brands/zara]; [http://www.inditex.com/sustainability]
J. Crew Social Responsibility Website
J. Crew Investor Relationship Website
clothing industry
stores located internationally
value ethics
strong corporate social responsibility
recycle bags
ethically obtained materials
community involvement
"Zara parent bans sales of Angora wool, donates fur to Syrian refugees"
February 12, 2015

Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics
Inditex banned the sale and stopped the production of Angora products (type of goat or rabbit) due to animal welfare concerns
Instead donated 20,000 Angora wool garments (totaling roughly $878,000) to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
The President of PETA, Ingrid E. Newkirk, applauded Inditex for paving the way to allow other retailers to do the same
Chicago Tribune
Mission and Vision Statement:
"High priority on the customer combines with a high degree of vertical integration across all the fashion production process: the design, the manufacture, logistics and the sale."
Creating more jobs to be apart of their duty as a socially responsible company
“fosters the hiring of people with some sort of intellectual or physical disability”
Commitment to:
equality and non-discrimination
supporting local communities and the environment
a healthy work-life balance for their employees
Fur-free; does not test its cosmetics on animals
“The customer is at the heart of our unique business model, which includes design, production, distribution and sales through our extensive retail network”

: establishment of environmentally friendly policy commitment; creation of CSR management
• 1996-1998:
first plans for energy efficiency and co-generation plant put into operation

: plans for emission control, dumping and waste

: internal code of conduct centered on responsibility towards employees, partners, suppliers, society
-first Spanish company to sign the Global Compact (UN initiative that encourages business worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible practices)

: admission to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Pablo Isla, the Chairman of Inditex
"Sustainability means the seamless and supported integration of our business model in the community. It means taking a long-term approach with the aim of adding value to society”.
• Employees are “curious, smart, intuitive, focused and accountable”
• Values ethics greatly
• Great benefits
• Employees are loyal
“J. Crew is a nationally recognized apparel and accessories retailer that we believe embraces a high standard of style, craftsmanship, quality and customer service. We are a fully interrogated multi-channel, multi-brand, specialty retailer. We seek to consistently communicate our vision of J. Crew through every aspect of our business, including through the imagery in our catalogs and on our internet website and the inviting atmosphere of our stores.”
“We believe that we have a responsibility to operate our business with sensitivity to the world around us. We seek to incorporate sustainable business practices into all of our operations, improve our environmental impact and support social responsibility and community involvement. As part of our long-standing commitment to service, we hope to inspire our associates, customers and partners to protect the environment and promote social responsibility.”
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