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Transcript of AMSC

D-VAR Utility
(Distributed Network)
Renewable Interconnection

The intermittent nature of renewables can create voltage stability problems on the power grid.
connects the renewable energy generation facility to the electricity grid, enabling renewable power to smoothly integrate into the electricity grid.

Industrial FACTS Application

The inconsistent power draw of industrial facilities that utilize equipment such as arc furnaces, welders, and motors can wreak havoc on the grid.
system automatically applies VARs to maintain steady line voltages, mitigating the problem at its source and ensuring high power quality for other customers nearby.

Industrial FACTS Application

At highly sensitive manufacturing facilities such as semiconductor fabs, the slightest variation in voltage can cause hours of downtime, resulting in lost productivity and the need to recalibrate equipment. AMSC’s PQ-IVR® system provides instantaneous, facility-wide protection against voltage swells and sags, counteracting power quality problems before they turn costly.

Utility FACTS Application
Voltage on the electric grid can fluctuate for a variety of reasons from inefficient generators to increased load or disturbances on the power lines.

system detects and rapidly compensates for voltage disturbances by injecting leading or lagging reactive power at key points on the transmission and distribution grid.

REG PowerBranch

Building a new substation can be an expensive proposition. REG PowerBranch™ enables smaller, simplified substations.

REG PowerLoop
Many urban substations are not connected to one another. REG PowerLoop™ enables sharing of urban substation assets to increase reliability and load serving capability without new transformers.

Distribution FCL
As demand for electricity has grown along with the need for increased system reliability, utilities have added generation and built interconnections to more tightly mesh their networks. Upgrades such as these result in higher fault current levels. The Nexans
Fault Current Limiter
utilizes AMSC’s HTS wire to quickly and automatically manage high short circuit currents.

Transmission FCL
The addition of generation capacity can increase the destructive nature of a fault, taxing the capabilities of the equipment, causing faults, which can lead to lengthy, costly outages. The Siemens
Fault Current Limiter
utilizes AMSC’s HTS wire to act as a surge protector to the power grid.
Electricity grid
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