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'There is no place like home' Explain the meaning of the pro

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Iga Bielińska

on 18 May 2014

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Transcript of 'There is no place like home' Explain the meaning of the pro

Przemek's opinion
Home is not a building, a house is a place where we feel the best, safest and most convenient.
Convenience is not everything. In the house counts above all the atmosphere and our relationships with the people who create it.
Man always seeks its place in the world, a place that can be called home. Man can see the whole world and in many places live out well, but it always comes back to the place they call home.
Iga's opinion
I agree with the proverb in the title. My opinion is: If you have a home, you will feel loved, safe, comfortable and confident. "Home" and "house" are not always synonyms. Home is where your family is. Home is where you can be yourself and where everybody accepts you. Good home creates proper environment to grow, to learn, to develop and to gain experience.
Home is a place to whom you will always want to return.
It's true!
we feel
when we are in our home
we can
count on
people who create the home with us
home is place where we
can always return
no matter what!
home is
a building - home is where family is
'There is no place like home'
Explain the meaning of the proverb.
What does it mean to you?

Maciej's opinion
For me there is no place like home because "my home" means for myself much more than just a building. In home everyone of us feels comfortable, safe and good. Why is that? People that we know from home love us, and we love them. They are the most carying people in the world! We know that they won't make us hurt or something like that. But for me my hometown is my home also. I have there lot of friends who are for me like a second family. In my opinion home is there where is your family.
" Home is the most satisfying place to be."
"Home is the best of all places."
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