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Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake

No description

Trisha D

on 29 March 2011

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Transcript of Money Hungry by Sharon G. Flake

Money Hungry By Sharon G. Flake Theme The message in
this story is to not be
greedy. It can get you
in all different types
of trouble. It is also
saying that you don't
need a lot of money to
be happy and get where
you want to be in your
life. As proved in the story,
money cause alot of trouble
between friends, family, and
life. Main characters
Raspberry: named
after a fruit, because
of her red hair, red
eyebrows, and freckles. Has a hopeful and determined personality, and tries to get whatever she wants. Zora: rich and has
alot of money, gets
everything she wants.
Stubborn and stuck up,
but has a nice side. Raspberry's mother:
Very caring. Determined, and
makes the best of a bad situation.
Looks like her daughter. Ja'nae: Dresses very conservatively.
Master of back-talking to other people. Funny personality and has trust in all of her friends. Mia: Mean and has an attitude.
not proud of her backrounds (African American and Korean). Gets
embarassed easily. Has long black hair and is very skinny. Ming: Mia's brother. Unlike Mia,
he has a good humored and
carefree personality. He has very nice
clothes. He cares for everyone and tries
to make people feel better when they are
down. Sato: Most known for
cracking jokes in the
most inappropriate
situations. Likes to jokingly insult his friends. Raspberry has a crush on him. Summary Thirteen-year old
Raspberry Hill has
been through a very
hard situation in her life.
She was so poor at one time,
she was living on the streets
with her mother, with no roof
over their heads. However, when
Raspberry's mother meets Dr. Mitchell,
things change. He bought a house for
them to live in. Raspberry vowed that
from that day forward, she was going to
save every penny to support the family and
keep off the streets. In fact, she had over six
hundered dollars saved, scattered around her
room! She makes most of her money by selling
merchandise at her school. One day, Raspberry's
friend Ja'nae asks her to borrow some money to
get her mother back into town. Raspberry is
reluctant, but lends her the money in the end.
In the end, Ja'nae can't afford to give the money
back to Raspberry, and things turn out bad after that.
Raspberry and her mother's house gets robbed after that,
and in the end live in Raspberry's friend, Zora's, house. "Money won't ever
do you wrong."
-This is important
because it is the
complete opposite of
what happend in the
book. Money caused
all the characters alot
of issues. 5 quotations: "You can't cash in dreams
at the bank, or buy bread, or
pay rent with them." -This quote is
saying that the
main character has
given up, and money is
the only way to fix
problems and get through
life. "If you have money, people can't
take stuff from you-not your house,
or your ride, not your family. They can't
do much to you, if you have bankroll
backing you up." -This quote reveals
multiple things about
the main character. It is
saying that you have to
rely on money to keep
you safe and secure, as if
it was a security blanket.
The main character counts
on money to keep bad things
from happening. "My mouth starts watering
just thinking about the cash." -The main character
thinks of money as
something that
makes her happy and
worry free. She is also
very greedy when it comes
to money. "I'm not even feeling
the cold. Just smiling
and thinking about how much
money I'll be making cleaning up
old people's houses."
-She doesn't want to help
people clean their houses
because she cares, she's
only doing it for the money
she will be getting in return. 5 examples of powerful language: "No refunds," she said, loud and slow,
like she's talking to someone who
doesn't understand English. "I have red hair, red eyebrows, and enough
freckles on my face that you can play connect
the dots." "She makes enough money off us to buy a house." "The street lights shone down on me as if
I was on-stage." "That Sato. He's about as funny as a rock."
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