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uk as a destination

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hannah burch

on 8 February 2012

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Transcript of uk as a destination

Scenario 1: Inbound & Domestic
visitors Domestic tourism Inbound tourism Domestic tourism statistics: Inbound tourism statistics: Statistics Domestic tourism is people travelling within their own country for tourism purposes an example would be Haven; they are only tourists though if they stay away for more than one consecutive night, domestic tourism can also be called ‘staycation’ which was introduced in 2009. Inbound tourism is tourism which people are visiting another country which is not their own country of residence for the purpose of leisure, business or VFR, for example a couple visiting England who are from America. A couple from Cardiff are visiting London by train for a short break. They have been twice before and enjoy the theatre and musicals. Tourism trips in the UK:
England- 96.377 m
Northern Ireland- 2.600 m
Scotland- 12.371 m
Wales- 8.688 m
Share of trips:
England- 81%
Northern Ireland – 2%
Wales-7% VFR-2.16 m visitors Sept-Nov
Business- 2.02 m visitors Sept-Nov
Leisure- 2.81 m visitors Sept-Nov
Visits Jan-Nov 28.49 m
Total spend £16.5 billion
Access to information- Any tourist visiting the UK inbound, domestic and outbound can find any information on the internet; in this case the couple from Cardiff can use the regional and national tourism board website VisitBritain. Through visit Britain you can find information out about the area that you are travelling to prior arriving in the UK. Brochures are also another way to access information for domestic and inbound tourists. Accommodation range- budget hotel- premier inn from £60 per room per night, Millennium hotel London Knightsbridge from £114 per room per night, guest accommodation Stanley house from £20 per room per night breakfast included. These are a range of types of accommodation with a hotel, bed and breakfast and a budget hotel; you can find many types of accommodation in London and around. Transport and accessibility- using bus, tube and train- oyster card from £13 with visit Britain on train, bus and underground. When in London the couple will need to get from place to place and this deal with visit Britain will save money. Transport in London itself covers all areas with buses, trains, the underground and taxis; London from Cardiff is compatible with a train travelling from Cardiff central to London Victoria taking nearly three hours and costing approximately £42. Customer service and quality assurance- In London customer service is very important so that it shows they understand high quality and what a tourist is looking for. Welcome Host and Welcome All are courses in the travel and tourism industry for customer service and developing an employee’s skills. Activities- Activities can include musicals and plays; you can find a wide range of west end shows in London from the Woman in Black to Billy Elliot the musical. Prices may vary from different shows; there is a wide range of shows all over London especially along Shaftesbury Avenue. In London you can also visit the Ice Bar which is situated on Heddon Street, London it is near Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Circus train or underground stations. It is near Regent Street, it is made from crystal clear ice from the Torne River in Sweden it is maintained at a constant minus 5 degrees all year round. The bar is redesigned every six months with a completely new theme and everything in the bar is made of ice including the cups. Costs and standards and value for money- London itself is very expensive in some areas and for the value of money London can have great attractions but at a price. Accommodations, activities, restaurants, bars in London cater for a range of different people and their needs. London itself is very cultural and offers high standards but isn’t the best for value of money. Scenario 2: Scenario 3: Scenario 4: A group of students on a BTEC course in Business and Retail want to visit the Trafford Centre, Manchester. They want to stay over and enjoy a night out in Manchester. Accommodation range- Britannia Hotel Manchester situated on Portland Street and located close to rail, bus and coach stations; the hotel costs from £35 - £75. Premier Inn Manchester City Centre, situated on Lower Mosley Street; there are budget hotels but more expensive hotels ranging from £70 -£89. For students the best hotel would be the Premier Inn as it is central for bars, clubs and the night life. There is also accommodation situated near the Trafford centre with Premier Inn Manchester Trafford Centre West and Travelodge Manchester Trafford Park Hotel. Costs, standards and value for money- Manchester is good value for money as it has many attractions, restaurants, bars &clubs and hotels and the Trafford Centre. Manchester would appeal to any tourist as there are lots to do. They have a high standard with a great nightlife and is family friendly, their hotels cost depending on where you stay there are many Premier Inn’s and Travelodge’s. Transport and accessibility- You can travel around Manchester using the train, metro link, bus, air and road, Manchester is very accessible. Manchester airport is the only global gateway to Northern England; the students can use air to get to Manchester. Customer service and quality assurance- In Manchester customer service is important to any city you visit as it giving out a good impression to any first time tourists. Manchester is the global gateway to Northern England so language is important when dealing with tourists, in this case language should not be a problem. But customer service should be good as they are visiting the Trafford centre and if their customer service is not good then no one will visit again. Activities- The students want to visit the Trafford centre and go out in the evening; the Trafford centre has 230 stores available and is just 5 miles outside Manchester City Centre, they have a 20 screen Odeon cinema and have stores ranging from designer to high street. In Manchester you can visit The Ritz which is a music venue and is a legendary nightclub, there is also the Comedy Store Manchester which has been host the local talent of Jason Manford. There are also many pubs and bars including New Union which is one of the oldest venues in Manchester, there is also Odder Bar which is full of mirror covered stairways and lizards. A family from the USA, mum, dad and two sons (aged 3 and 6), want to visit their relatives in Kent and experience some of the visitor attractions. They will be staying for two weeks. Accommodation range- In Kent there is a wide range of accommodation types with hotels, camping, self-catering, alternative accommodation and green accommodation. With younger children it would be better to stay in self-catering or alternative accommodation, you can pick from 12 different areas to stay in depending on where relatives live. An example of self catering in Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne bay, there are many cottages and apartments ranging from different prices. Costs, standards and value for money- Kent is known as the Garden of England and has beautiful coasts and countryside areas, Kent is good value for money with loads of attractions to see and do for all the family. The costs and standards of Kent are great and this is shown through the attractions throughout Kent. Transport and accessibility- This family would be better to use car hire for example Hertz, Avis or Europcar, these are all car hire’s in the UK. As the family wants to travel around to different attractions in Kent then it would be better to use the road, Kent is accessible and is easier to travel around with a car than a train. Customer service and quality assurance- Customer service is very important to any area where tourists visit as it may be there first time visiting that area, Kent is a big county and offers many things from theme parks to historical and cultural events. At all of these events, accommodation as well customer service and quality assurance is important to ensure that tourist has the best experience. Activities- There are many activities in Kent from long walks in countryside areas like Tenterden, this family will have different motives as they have a family of different ages compared with the students and the couple from Cardiff. The family can visit Chessington World Adventures which for a family of four would cost £108 at the gate; they also have a sea life centre and a zoo for the children to explore. In Kent you can also visit Dickens World which is rich in history and is fun for the children. A couple from China are visiting the UK. They have never visited before and would like to visit all the capitals of the UK: they are interested in history and culture. Accommodation range- There is a whole range of accommodation across the UK with holiday village and campsites, serviced apartments, hotel & guest accommodation. The couple from China have a wide range of accommodation to choose from they could even stay in one type of accommodation and move to another type when moving around the country. Costs, standards and value for money- With travelling around the UK then value for money and costs will be important to the tourists as spending money in each+ city they visit they would expect the cities standards and costs to be reasonable. Transport and accessibility- They can travel by bus, rail, road and air as they want to see all the capital cities, they can use an airplane to travel to Manchester from London. They will probably be using an airplane from China to London, then in London they can travel around and fly to Manchester and visit Liverpool along with other cities using all modes of transport. They could also hire a car, or there are some deals on the national tourist board, Visit Britain; some include National Express coach travel from £6 and Heathrow express ticket from £9. Customer service and quality assurance- This is very important and this couple or any other inbound tourist may want to ensure that when travelling to a place they have never been before that quality service is assured. They can use UK Inbound and can use Visit Britain to look at the UK and see what the accommodation is like and what attractions there are here to visit. Activities- This couple is interested in history and culture of the UK and are looking for heritage experiences and pursue leisure activities. They are looking at the differing cultures of the UK and of China; they can look at the different cultures in each city they visit. Conclusion: Every tourist travelling to the UK all have different needs and different purposes for travelling to the UK, the UK caters for everybody’s needs with heritage sites, accommodation, transport and good customer service. Thank for listening to my presentation.
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