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2017 Year in Review TSS

No description

Matt Weschler

on 15 January 2018

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Transcript of 2017 Year in Review TSS

TSS Microscopy
Year in Review

People Make TSS Strong
Service Growth
Exciting Opportunity
Branding & Marketing
New Sales Channels
10 Full Time Employees

EIT's grown into solo worldwide support

New CA sales support

Internal promotions - Service Manager

Hired Factory support for shipping

Contracted additional Europe support

401K rolled out
> $8M sales revenue

Sold 5th and 6th TEM to Allen Brain Institute for hard core brain research purposes. #5 installed. #6 install soon

2- 300mm DB sold in China

Installed Dual Beam @ NUMAT for 2018 groundbreaking product introductions

First Helios in ReMan

First IR Camera sold to Raith for integration onto their IonLine FIB. Should be more sales to follow...

Europe ramp: Air Lab CM, Ad Lab CM, Eurofins JEOL 1400+, STM Hitachi 520
> $300K parts sales 2017

EBAY store was started and more consumables and accessories are sold

Consumables and Accessories page live on TSS website creating exposure and sales

Ramp of European partners

45 Service Contracts on record as of Q4 2017 and growing

> $1M Service Revenue (incl Contracts and Per Diem)

First Titan contract at U of Oregon

New multi-site customer at Maxim SJC and PDX

Very successful first year in supporting STMICRO in Europe (9+ scopes)... Poised for more in 2018
Website and TSS marketing efforts are working - we are crushing the competition with online recognition

Our website is ranked higher in most searches than FEICO and others

Mass mailings are having increased effectiveness with each mailing

4th year of M&M exposure with AMT
2018 Look Ahead
Expanded effort to reach customers in CA, TW, China, and EUR
Focus on selling high margin equipment, minimize acquisition of smaller scopes
Release of PhotoCathode for replacement of FEG
Growth of CM Service and overall Service
Solo booth at M&M show in Baltimore (Aug 5-9)
Increase sales by $3M
Increase service revenue by 35%
Increase parts and consumables sales by 35%
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