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Seph Cham

No description

Joseph Cham

on 17 February 2014

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Transcript of Seph Cham

Start your own blog
Choose a platform
Blog Layout
Theme: Ready-made vs. Custom theme
Easy on the eyes
Readable fonts
Clean and organized
Learn basic HTML/CSS through researching and experimenting
Right topic for your blog
Target Market
Blogging 101:
Builds the identity of your blog
Title/name for your blog
Represents your blog
Describes yourself
- You can be defined by or associated with
Catchy and easy to remember
Blog Content
Blogging 101:
Be marketable
Market your blog
Focus on quality and originality
Be visible
Attend events
Mingle and interact with other bloggers, attend talks, bazaars, etc.
Follow me
Seph Cham
Market your blog
Blog Etiquette
Joseph Cham
BS Electrical Engineering, Mapua Institute of Technology
Professional Model
Menswear Designer
Magazine Features:
Ramp Modeling
Philippine Fashion Week
Who is Joseph Cham?
Blogging 101:
Blogging 101:
Blogging 101:
Blogging 101:
Limitations of a blogger
Things that might ruin your blog and your image
Less talk, less mistake
Bias Opinion
Blogging 101:
Write-up / Review
What your blog is all about (Fashion/ Tech/ Beauty)
Target Market's Interest
Blogging 101:
Does a good blogger need to be good in photography?
Yes, because fashion is a visual thing. So better to make every photo as professional as possible.
Blogging 101:
Blog Etiquette
Think before you type/click
Be updated on the latest trends
Be nice to everyone
Post consistently and with good quality
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