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The Big Picture - VolunteerMatch's 2009 Annual Report

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Greg Baldwin

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of The Big Picture - VolunteerMatch's 2009 Annual Report

Web Trainings
Despite the fact that volunteers donate more time and money than non-volunteers,* organizations often under-invest in funds and resources to help their volunteer administrators thrive. VolunteerMatch has worked to fill this gap with the nation’s most extensive program of free trainings.
Registration Stats:

•VolunteerMatch 101
•Best Practices for Recruiting Online
•Introduction to Community Leader
•The New Volunteer Manager's Toolkit
•Successful Volunteer Interview Strategies
•Single Days of Service: Make It Work
•Social Media and Volunteer Engagement
•Engaging Pro Bono and Skilled Volunteers
•Managing Difficult Volunteer Transitions
•Making Volunteer Engagement Everyone’s Job
•Boomer Volunteer Engagement

Webinar participants
*Source: 2009 Fidelity® Charitable Gift Fund/VolunteerMatch Survey
in 2009:
The VolunteerMatch newsletter series continues to be the workhorse of our membership communications. In 2009, more than half a million subscribers received these monthly compendiums of tips, news, best practices, and product announcements right in their inboxes.
Members of the VolunteerMatch team are frequently in high-demand at conferences. In 2009, an increasing number of employees appeared on panels and at podiums to help diverse audiences better understand such topics as best practices in volunteer engagement, nonprofit technology, social enterprise, and corporate volunteering as part of social responsibility.
AARP Life @ 50 Expo
American Society of Aging/National Council on Aging
California State Library Conference
The Center for Effective Philanthropy Conference
Craigslist Bay Area Boot Camp
2009 Independent Sector
National Conference on Volunteering and Service
National Volunteer Centre Leadership Forum
Nonprofit Technology Conference
Northern California Youth Leadership Seminar
Senior Corps Conference
Among the conferences we appeared at were:
Facebook: 7,730 fans
Twitter: 3,200 followers
LinkedIn: 784 members

In 2009, we became more active on nonprofit blogs and launched the first of what will be a trio of audience-specific blogs for our community, Engaging Volunteers: VolunteerMatch Blog for Social Change Organizations.

Social Sites by the Numbers:
“We really feel the model we’ve created has effectively empowered students to be change-makers.”

—Talis Apud and Kristin Walter

Nonprofits: FeelGood
“I love those unexpected moments when my emotions just sweep me up and remind me that what I’m doing matters and is so appreciated by someone else.”

Volunteers: Mimi Schaefer
“I wanted the chance to make a real difference in a little girl's life and provide her with a stable and encouraging relationship. I also wanted a reason to act like a kid again!”

—Pam Tardy
Employee Volunteering:
General Mills/Big Brothers Big Sisters
Snapshots of Involvement
Volunteering was in the spotlight in 2009 encouraged by a President-elect who spent his inaguration eve serving as an MLK Day of Service volunteer.

VolunteerMatch was proud to help tens of thousands of nonprofits take advantage of this attention by making it easier for them to find the volunteer support they need.

For the past few years, the percentage of visitors who discover VolunteerMatch through from three prominent social networking services—Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn—has grown steadily. In 2009, VolunteerMatch launched an aggressive campaign to organize the communities of fans of volunteering on these sites in order to better serve them and help them connect with each other.

The Financial Statement
Thank You
Past and Present Foundation Funders
The Atlantic Philanthropies
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Charles Schwab Foundation
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Ford Foundation
The James Irvine Foundation
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
MetLife Foundation
Omidyar Foundation
Sand Hill Foundation
Sapling Foundation
Savage Family Foundation
Sobrato Family Foundation
Surdna Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
William and Charlene Glikbarg Foundation
The William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Yale School of Management,
The Goldman Sachs Foundation

Cooley Godward Kronish LLP
Yahoo! Inc.

Richard Barker
Shawn Brown
Jill Friedman Fixler
Anthony Thompson
Jason Wozny

Gail & Dennis Baldwin
Patte Barry
Jaime Contreras
Alex Landos
Mary Taylor

Arsineh Alenkin
Cathy Alleyne
Thomas Arms
Peter Bank
Jesse Beaird
Alex Benn

Stefen Bourg
Christine Brinckerhoff
Angela Brown
John Cook, Jr.
Deborah Diaz
Kenechuku Erike
T. Jay Fowler
Alisa Geary
John Godinez
Brian Goldstein
Rainier Gordon
Malcolm Gosling
Valerie Greider
Helen Hancock
Susan Hardwicke, PhD
Robert Jacques
June Latimer
Brenda LeBlanc
Kay Okinski
Sara O’Mara
Maria Overman
Mani Peri
Michael Pollok
Robert Ruppert
Suchitra Sahu
Beverly Sibley
David Snyder
Rodney Stockdale
Jason Vanzant
Rachel Wall

Jill Janov
Buffy A.
Caitlin P.
Carissa O.
Chris W.
Cornelia V.
Hilary L.
Jean M.
John H.
Joni S.
Kathy R.
Kiara L.
Lucinda M.
Misty S.
Ngozi O.
Pam J.
Sharon P.
Sherlyn V.
Stacy L.
Steve S.
Vivian P.
Wilson Y.

Deborah Dinkelacker
William and Charlene Glikbarg
Craig Jacoby

In-Kind Donors
VolunteerMatch 2009 Donors

2009 Program and Community Support Volunteers
2009 Pro Bono Consultants
Hong Wen Yang
Benjamin Zimbel

$1,000 and above

$500- $999.99

dba VolunteerMatch

Corporate program revenue $2,978,186
In-kind revenue and support $729,233
License fees $102,176
Sponsorship $259,504
Donations $18,678
Nonprofit premium services $95,329
Investment income $17,519
Other $10,921

Total support & revenues $4,217,645
Program Services $4,040,646
Supporting services:
Development $145,810
Management and general $279,953
Total supporting services $425,763

Total expenses $4,466,409
Change in net assets* ($248,764)
Net assets, beginning of year
Net assets, end of year

*Growth capital release/invested in 2009 was $478,184.
For the year ended

December 31, 2009

Joan Steinberg, Lina Klebanov, and Sasha Greene were recognized at Morgan Stanley for their leadership and inspiration supporting the company’s “What a Difference a Day Makes” and “Global Volunteer Month” programs.
In 2009, VolunteerMatch welcomed 37 new partners, including some of the nation’s best employers and most recognizable brands.

2009 VolunteerMatch Corporate Awards
We cited the company's successful “Energy for the Community” program, which matches employee participation and rewards outstanding involvement with grants to nonprofits.
Excellence in Corporate Volunteering
Champions of the Year
The Toro Company
To encourage volunteerism and enhance relationships with local nonprofits, Toro uses our online tools to give employees the ability to search local nonprofits for opportunities of interest and provide the company with accurate data on its engagement efforts around the world.

• Real-time Collaboration – Volunteer registration was previously housed on a shared file, accessible to only one employee at a time. Now employees can sign up at the same time. If an event is full, the Waitlist feature automatically adds them when there is an opening.

• Community Connections – Toro’s branded landing page gives employees the opportunity to learn about volunteer events in all Toro communities, helping them feel like they are part of a global community.

• Expanding Leadership Opportunities – Employees are seen as volunteer leaders and gain experience in volunteer management that would not be available without VolunteerMatch.

The Arthritis Foundation is the only national nonprofit supporting all forms of arthritis and related conditions with advocacy, programs, services and research. In September, the Arthritis Foundation partnered with VolunteerMatch to increase and diversify its volunteer recruiting.
• Many of the Arthritis Foundation's 150 chapters and service points have been brought into the VolunteerMatch network and provided with our premium toolset, Community Leader, to maximize recruitment and engagement.

• VolunteerMatch visitors can find opportunities to volunteer with chapters of the Arthritis Foundation, including roles as Ambassador, Outreach and Health Fair Representative, and Fundraising Intern.

• Arthritis Foundation’s recruitment activity at VolunteerMatch has increased an average of 42 referrals per month, or 58%.

Arthritis Foundation

VolunteerMatch Campus Clients
VolunteerMatch Preferred Partners
VolunteerMatch Employee Volunteering Clients


• 60% of employees at Hagerty have volunteered at a local nonprofit since the company deployed VolunteerMatch two years ago.

• In 2009, 227 Hagerty volunteers tracked 4,122 hours. Many employees found volunteer roles with Hagerty partners like American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, Boys and Girls Club, and March of Dimes.

• In honor of its accomplishments, Hagerty was honored by VolunteerMatch as Corporate Volunteer Program of the Year in the Small to Medium-sized Business category.
Founded more than three decades ago, Hagerty, a provider of insurance for collector cars and boats, has been involved in the community from the start. Hagerty is a leader within our

network of small and medium-sized businesses, and by offering support for volunteering including paid time-off, the company is making a phenomenal impact.

UnitedHealth Group
With help from VolunteerMatch, UnitedHealth continues to expand and grow their volunteering programs, increasing employee engagement, extending programs to their consumers, and serving as a leader in the industry.

•With employees logging more than 121,000 volunteer hours in 2009, UnitedHealth’s volunteer program continues to grow, led by local Community Engagement Teams that organize events and motivate employees to get involved.

•This year, they also co-published a survey with VolunteerMatch investigating the health benefits of volunteering, finding that 68 percent of those who volunteered in the past year report that volunteering has made them feel physically healthier.

•To celebrate all of their hard work, Sue Osten and Deb Krause at UnitedHealth Group were recognized by VolunteerMatch as Champions of the Year for outstanding teamwork, leadership, accomplishment, dedication, and spirit by individual program managers.

Media Partners:
VolunteerMatch received the tremendous support of Yahoo!, one of the world's most trafficked Internet destinations, and Google, the leader in online search, who helped us extend our reach and build our brand on the Web. Google has been a long-time supporter through its Google Grant program, which generously provides VolunteerMatch visibility at Google.com, while Yahoo! for Good has underwritten our banner campaigns in the Yahoo! network.
2009 In-kind Media:
Media Value:
Media Value:
Partner Impacts
2009 Network Referral Activity
Industry Impact
Welcome to our first digital annual report. The new format nicely captures what was a year full of innovation and change.

The big picture has been changing, and it has given us new opportunities to do what we've always done best—harness emerging technologies to build smarter volunteer engagement networks.

We are very proud of the community we serve and inspired by its growth. Last year, we welcomed 8.4 million visitors, 37 new network partners, and helped our nonprofit members unlock $488M worth of volunteer service.

We've got a lot to share with you, so let's get started.


Greg Baldwin

President’s Letter
Emerging Technology
VolunteerMatch's strategy has always been to apply emerging technology to create smarter and more sustainable systems for volunteer engagement. In 2009, VolunteerMatch extended its public service to take advantage of emerging trends in mobile technology, social sharing and the “real-time Web.”
for iPhone OS
VolunteerMatch Live Map
Social Media Sharing
New Social Communities
In 2009, VolunteerMatch began to organize our fans and followers on the most popular social networks. Today, thousands of VolunteerMatch supporters tune into our feeds and discussions at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for inspiration, to share ideas, and to connect with each other.
Also launched in June 2009, our VolunteerRewards module added features for integrating 'dollars for doers' incentives into our client's employee volunteering programs.
Volunteer Reports and Rewards
In June 2009, we launched Volunteer Reports during the National Conference on Volunteering and Service in San Francisco. This project completely overhauled our previous reporting capabilities, making it easier for our business clients to customize reporting for their unique needs.

from VolunteerMatch Solutions
In 2009, VolunteerMatch released its first API suite to support the next generation of integrated partnerships. You can see the new API in action online at American Express' Members Project.
Inspired by President Obama’s call to serve during National Volunteer Week, the VolunteerMatch team announced the release of our database of volunteer opportunities to outside developers under a Creative Commons license to expand the non-commercial use of our free service. Today, dozens of third-party developers are integrating our data into their Web sites under the terms of this innovative legal structure.

Press Highlights
"Charities Urged to Do More to
Get Veterans to Volunteer"
"Landing Your First Job"
"Can Volunteers Be a Lifeline
for Nonprofit Groups?"
"WE tv Campaign Volunteers
Its Viewers to Help Nonprofits"
"Laid Off? Volunteer!
Here's Why and How"
Behind the Scenes
The VolunteerMatch infrastructure consists of several working parts: a staff of 33 individuals who believe in our mission; boards of directors and advisors who have expertise in a wide range of fields from the Internet to finance; foundations and individual donors who have generously supported our vision through the years; and the many volunteers who help us here at VolunteerMatch each and everyday.
2009 Warped Tour Volunteers

Aaron C.
Aashiana D.
Adrian R.
Adrienne H.
Aleasha M.
Amanda E.
Amy C.
Amy F.
Andrea M.
Angela C.
Angelica L.
Anna C.
Ashley R.
Athena D.
Austin W.
Beth K.
Bianca G.
Biaohua Y.
Brenda I.
Brett M.
Cameron R.
Chassney L.
Chelsea E.
Chelsea M.
Cheryl K.
Christina B.
Chrstina H.
Colin Y.
Corina P.
Cristina S.
Crystal G.

Crystal S.
Dan P.
David B.
David M.
Diane O.
Drew C.
Drew H.
Dustin Q.
Edwin N.
Elaine w
Elisett C.
Eric H.
Erin K.
Eugene V.
Finlay S.
Fiorella V.
Gilbert G.
Gisela O.
Greg B.
Greg H.
Heather H.
Heather P.
Hilda B.
Jared G.
Jasmine H.
Jeff H.
Jena S.
Jesse C.
Jessica M.
Jill P.
Joanna B.

Jody R.
John H.
John S.
Jon N.
Jonathan H.
Josh H.
Julia T.
Julie P.
Kaitlyn C.
Kamil K.
Kandis B.
Karina A.
Karolina J.
Katherina C.
Katie B.
Katrina H.
Kelli S.
Kelly W.
Kelsey G.
Kimberly K.
Kimmy F.
Kirah R.
Kristen S.
Kristin S.
Kristina H.
Laura H.
Laura M.
Lauren C.
Lauren S.
Lina S.
Lindsey G.

Lindsey R.
Liz B.
Lucecita C.
Lynelle S.
Madison E.
Mario G.
Mark F.
Marshall K.
Martha A.
Matthew G.
Max H.
Megan B.
Megan H.
Megan L.
Megan P.
Melisa S.
Melissa K.
Melissa L.
Melissa P.
Michael F.
Michael G.
Michael J.
Michelle V.
Monique B.
Monique V.
Nedaa S.
Nicole T.
Nicole V.
Ozzy R.
Pattie M.
Paul S.

Rachel T.
Raychel V.
Rebecca O.
Robyn J.
Ross C.
Ruth C.
Sam B.
Sam R.
Samantha T.
Sarah C.
Sarah O.
Seirra M.
Shannon M.
Shantegra N.
Sharon R.
Shekinnah B.
Shelby H.
Stacy G.
Stephanie L.
Stephen D.
Sunaina K.
Tereza O.
Troy G.
Tyson J.
Victor L.
Whitney C.
William L.

The VolunteerMatch Team
Board of Directors and Advisors
Board of Directors
Jennifer Aaker, PhD
General Atlantic Professor of Marketing,
Stanford Graduate School of Business

Jay Backstrand
Co-Founder, VolunteerMatch &
Vice President, JPMorgan Private Bank

Greg Baldwin
President, VolunteerMatch

Deborah Dinkelacker
Nonprofit Management Consultant &
Former President, VolunteerMatch

Stouffer Egan
CEO, Autonomy Inc - U.S.

Meg Garlinghouse
Senior Director, Yahoo! for Good, Yahoo! Inc.

Craig Jacoby
Co-Founder, VolunteerMatch &
Partner, Cooley Godward Kronish LLP

Kellie A. McElhaney, PhD
Consultant, Professor & Executive Director, Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley

Jeff Atlas
Creative Consultant, Idea Guy

Seth Barad
Nonprofit Management Consultant

Andrew Blau
Co-Head of Practice, Global Business Network

Katherine H. Campbell
Executive Director, Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration

Vinton Cerf
Vice President & Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

Marc Freedman
Founder & CEO, Civic Ventures

John Gage
Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Cynthia M. Gibson, PhD
Principal, Cynthesis Consulting

Steve Glikbarg
Co-Founder, Impact Online, Inc.
Investment Advisor

Andy Goodman
Communications Consultant

William R. Hearst III
Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Jill Janov
Organizational Development Consultant

Nancy Lublin
CEO, Do Something & Founder, Dress for Success

Charles H. Moore
Executive Director, Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy

Vincent Stehle
Board Member Emeritus & Consultant

Photography Credits
Volunteer Administrators
Volunteer engagement is much more than just building awareness of opportunities. While most of our audiences use our service primarily to connect with volunteers, a growing number of members are also taking advantage of our trainings, newsletters, how-to manuals, social networks and blogs to strengthen their work as professionals.
The George Washington University
VolunteerMatch provided GWU with the framework that made it possible for students, faculty and staff to track and report more than 150,000 hours of service to meet Michelle Obama's service challenge. She spoke at the school’s 2010 commencement.
• Overall, 4,148 people had service hours tracked on VolunteerMatch, and 163,980 hours were collected.

• Student organizations, Greek chapters, faculty, and staff groups were able to post and promote their projects online, bringing in more participation and raising awareness for their causes and initiatives.

• VolunteerMatch helped the Office of Community Service and other university officials identify active under-the-radar students and student groups for recognition and to spark increased involvement.

Behind the Scenes
Volunteers: 517,930
Nonprofits: 56,502
Corporate: 3,566
Cover Photo Thanks: (clockwise from the top left) Homes for our Troops; Homes for our Troops; Talia Frenkel, American Red Cross/ International Federation of Red Cross; Save the Bay; Homes for our Troops; Michelle J. Wong, Challenger Division - Dos Pueblos Little League; Talia Frenkel, American Red Cross/International Federation of Red Cross; Dave Bezaire, Habitat for Humanity; Porter-Leath; Faith Gong, Experience Corps Oakland; Williamson Co. Library, Books from Birth of Middle Tennessee; Dave Bezaire, Habitat for Humanity; Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation; Peter Sage, Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT); Audrey Fuller, McNair Travel Club; Maronda Hastie, McNair Travel Club; Amee Palazzolo, United Saints; and Audrey Fuller, McNair Travel Club

717 California Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94108

© 2010 VolunteerMatch. All Rights Reserved. All photographs, logos and other trademarks are the exclusive property of their respective holders who reserve all rights.

Annual report design by Haley Friedmann.
—Mimi Schaefer
VolunteerMatch Cause Clients

2009 VolunteerMatch Trainings
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