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Copy of another imd 156

if this fail, i'm bailing

Brenda Alpízar

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of Copy of another imd 156

Chapter 3: Introduction to Bibliographic Utilities and Services 3.0 Definition
3.3 OCLC
3.4 RLIN
3.6 INIS Learning Outline Learning Objective 1. Acknowledge the available bibliographical services and utilities

2. Understand the common services provided by bibliographic services and utilities At the end of this chapter, students will be able to: Bibliographic Utilities and Services has been an important element in maintaining a bibliography, whether nationally or internationally. The bibliographic utilities play an important role in making sure that a bibliography is well kept and updated to make it easier to share whereas the bibliographic services makes the bibliography accessible to the person who needs it and reduces time to search from many sources Introduction (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr WHAT IS BIBLIOGRAPHIC UTILITY? 6 Main Bibliographic Utilities BIBLIOGRAPHIC UTILITIES 1. Malaysian Machine Readable Catalogue (MalMARC)

2. Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services (SILAS)

3. Online Computer Library Center (OCLC)

4. Research Library Information Network (RLIN)

5. Agricultural Research Information System (AGRIS)

6. International Nuclear Information System (INIS) 6 Main Bibliographic Utilities Based on Dictionary of Library Science, bibliographic utility is defined as an organization that maintains computerized bibliographic records A processing center or network providing services based on machine readable cataloging data (MARC) Shared cataloging
Online union cataloging
Acquisition works
Online information searching
Reference services Bibliographic Services Malaysian Machine Readable Cataloguing MalMARC one of five cooperative programme

involve 5 university libraries in Malaysia with cooperation of National Library of Malaysia

constitutes one of components of developing Malaysians research library network

covers Malaysian and Indonesian imprints catalogued by MALMARC Consortium Malaysian MARC (MALMARC) Responsible for standardizing the format for co-operating libraries to exchange and share catalogue records
indexing of journal articles
maintaining research profiles
directories of relevant information centers
maintaining staff list MalMARC providing bibliographic services and products to Singapore libraries since 1987 SILAS proposed by Library Association of Singapore (LAS) in 1982

Official launch: 10 April 1987

Maintains National Union Catalogue of Singapore (NUCS)

A cataloguing consortium coordinating standards

provide members with access to bibliographic records Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services offers bibliographic services and products to libraries of Singapore SILAS
mission statement provide:
-access to catalogue records in the NUC
-means to add, delete and to edit catalogue records in the NUC
-technical assistance in accessing, downloading and uploading NUC records
-basic training and instruction in the use of the software provided for accessing, downloading and uploading NUC records SILAS responsibilities (WBCM)

Web-based Online Catalogue

Building a National Union Catalogue

Cooperative Online Shared Cataloguing Services

Multi-lingual capabilities SILAS' core functions copy cataloguing and original cataloguing facilities
inquiry/ search Online services provided: available on request:
-custom bibliographies
-custom reports derived from NUC
-MARC files derived from NUC
Accession lists SILAS
Additional Products Online Computer Library Center OCLC What is OCLC? -a non-profit computer library service and research organization

-founded in the year 1967 as Ohio College Library Center

-dedicate to:
public purpose of furthering access to world's information
reduce information costs Vision OCLC will be the leading global library cooperative; helping libraries serve people by providing, economical access to knowledge though innovation and collaboration Mission OCLC exists to further access to the world's information and reduce library costs by offering services for libraries and their users WorldCat database
Cataloging metadata
Preservation of DDC
Resource sharing
Digital collection development Services and products reduce rate-of-rise of library per unit cost

to provide processes and products for the benefit of library users

to help colleges and universities cope with information explosion

to establish, maintain and operate computerized library network and promote evolution of library use 4 Objectives of OCLC Research Library Information Network RLIN RLG programs support research institutions in collaboratively designing the future.
RLG programs works with and for its partner organizations enhancing their ability to support research in all its forms RLIN's Objective RLG programs works with and for its partner organizations enhancing their ability to act collectively
RLG programs staffs convene groups of experts, build communities, reach consensus on shared challenges, prototypes innovative information tools RLIN's role Agricultural Research Information System AGRIS It is an international information system for the agricultural sciences and technology
Created by Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1974 to facilitate information exchange AGRIS AGRIS and CARIS on CD
Downloadable manuals
FAO documentation AGRIS' Services and Products INIS to increase awareness and understanding to the need for sustained knowledge and expertise
to effectively serve the knowledge management needs of Member States
to maintain and enhance the motion resources on the peaceful use of nuclear energy serving the needs of Member States and the IAEA
to be the worlds' most authoritative and comprehensive source of reliable information INIS' objectives continuing to build a high quality bibliographic database for the nuclear literature
providing the full text of the non-conventional literature referenced in the database
providing mechanism to facilitate access to bibliographic information and full text of nuclear related literature available elsewhere INIS' roles document delivery services
promotion and outreach
capacity building(training and distance learning) INIS' services INIS' products INIS Online Database
Input Processing and Quality Assurance
Computer Assisted Indexing System
Capacity Building
INIS Multilingual Thesaurus
Preserving Non-Conventional Nuclear Information EXERCISES 1.Bibliograpic utility is a _________________. 4. SILAS' core functions are ____________, __________,_________ and ____________. 2.Malmarc system being operated at _________________________. You have 5 seconds to answer each question! How fast can you go? 3.Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) founded in 1967 and originally named _________________. Speed Quiz It is an initiative to develop a national union catalogue in Malaysia

It is being operated by MalMARC Coordinating Center at Universiti Sains Malaysia

There are 7 universities that links with MalMARC: UKM, UM, USM, UTM, UUM, UiTM & UIA

They produce skilled and professionally trained manpower and promote research and create understanding Malaysian Machine Readable Cataloguing (MalMARC) -represent a wealth of experience and extensive pool of information in nuclear field
-has grown into successful and peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology
-operate by the International Atomic Energy Agency International Nuclear Information System processing center or network providing services based on machine readable cataloguing data! The answer is... Did you get it right? Let's go! Universiti Sains Malaysia! The answer is... Did you get another correct answer? Keep it up! Ohio College Library Center ! The answer is... You are smart! Let's continue! Web-based Online Catalogue
Building a National Union Catalogue
Cooperative Online Shared Cataloguing Services
Multi-lingual capabilities The answer is... Did you get this one right? Congratulations! You are a speed quiz answering machine! :D let's do more! -----> ... small SILAS providing member with access to_________________. INIS online database is one of the INIS_____________. Spark SILAS, or Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services, has been providing bibliographic services and products to_____________ . (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Four(4) of OCLC services and products are_______________, ______________, ______________, and ________________. Research Library Information Network (RLIN) unites the_____________ of many of the nation’s libraries and archives. Singapore Libraries The answer is... Did you get it right? Let's go! bibliographic records! The answer is... That's awesome~ more questions! products! The answer is... two last questions before you go! WorldCat Database
Cataloguing & metadata
Reference service The answer is... One more, keep up the good effort! catalogs! The answer is... Congratulations! you finished the challenge! :)
Applaud yourself~ you answered truly like a sir :D challenge yourself! Challenge Again! Bibliographic Utilities and Services is crucial in compiling a national or international bibliography. Each of these utilities and services has its own importance and it brings ease to compiling the bibliographies. Librarians can have access to records and other bibliographies that they need to refer to when cataloging using these bibliographies thus making it easier for everyone to search information including us, the users who need information. CONCLUSION Reference Anderson, D. (1974). Universal bibliographic control: a long term policy, a plan for action. Munchen: Verlag Oak.

Astbury, R. (1976). Bibliographic and book production. Oxford: Pergamon.

Bjerrega, E. (1974). Legal deposit: purpose and scope in modern society. Libri 23 (4), p. 331 - 346.

Brenni, V. J. (Ed.).(1975). Essays on bibliography. Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press.

Davinson, D. (1975). Bibliographic control. London: Clive Bingley.

(2012). OCLC: The World's Libraries, Connected. Retrieved July 28, 2012 from http://www.oclc.org/go/au/en/worldshare

(2012). SILAS. Retrieved July 28, 2012 from http://www.silas.org.sg/
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