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Bank of the West

No description

Robert Nielsen

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of Bank of the West

J. Michael Shepherd
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Maura Markus
President and Chief Operating Officer
Thibault Fulconis
Vice Chairman
Commercial Banking and Consumer Finance Group
John Bahnken
Senior Executive Vice President
Wealth Management Group
Michael R. Bracco
Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Duke Dayal
Chief Financial Officer
Scott Germer
Senior Executive Vice President Risk Manager
Donald Duggan
Senior Executive Vice President - Head of Banking Services
Andy Harmening
Senior Executive Vice President Regional Banking Group
Gilles Karpowicz
Executive Vice President Director of Audit and Inspection
Jean-Marc Torre
Senior Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking Group
Vanessa Washington
Senior Executive Vice President
General Counsel
Paul T. Wible
Senior Executive Vice President - National Finance Group
Arcinee Hovanessian-Hermiston
Chief Credit Officer, EVP

San Francisco Bay Area
Raj Gopal
Head of Enterprise Risk Architecture

San Francisco Bay Area
Schyler Thiessen
SVP - Head of Enterprise Risk Modeling and Analytics

San Francisco Bay Area
Cedric Bousquet
Vice President - Corporate Capital Stress Testing Manager
San Francisco Bay Area
Robert Sadler
VP, Risk Analytics and Reporting

San Francisco Bay Area
Christopher Napier
VP, Enterprise Risk Management

San Francisco Bay Area
Dan Beck
EVP, Controller at Bank of the West
San Francisco Bay Area
David Quinn
SVP - Financial Planning and Analysis Head
San Francisco Bay
Tobi Vincent
VP - Financial Planning and Analysis Manager

San Francisco Bay
Michael Charles
Vice President - Lead modeler
San Francisco Bay Area
Lori Rivers
SVP Group Operations Officer -
Consumer Lending
San Francisco Bay Area
Carole Merchant
Executive Vice President

San Ramon, California
Mark Beecher
EVP Sales and Marketing

San Francisco Bay Area
Susan Barton
SVP, NFG, Systems Support Administration

San Ramon, California
Tera Schaecher, PMP
SVP, Mortgage Banking Division Administration Officer
Greater Omaha Area
John A. Matuszeski
Vice President - Default Management Services

Greater Omaha Area
Jacqi Hrabik
Vice President, Mortgage Banking

Greater Omaha Area
General order:
Senior EVP
Kirsten Garen
Chief Information Officer

San Francisco Bay Area
Jeremy Lamb
Senior Vice President, Technology Infrastructure & Operations
San Francisco Bay Area
Jacob Sorensen
Head of Information Management and Business Intelligence
San Francisco Bay Area
Harry Cheung
Vice President - IT Manager

Greater Los Angeles Area
Loki Efaw
VP IT Manager

Torrance, California
Harish Shikhare
Vice President, IT Applications Eng.

San Francisco Bay Area
Lidia Dubon
Vice President, Business Intelligence and Data Management
San Francisco Bay Area
Edison Barco
IT Manager - VP

San Francisco Bay Area
Bruce Heysse
EVP - Direct Lending Division

Fargo, North Dakota Area
Stewart Larsen, CMB
EVP, Division Executive -
Residential Mortgage

Greater Omaha Area
Nav Arora,
SVP, Talent Management

San Francisco Bay Area
Raj Batra CIR CSSR
VP - Talent Acquisition Initiatives & Analytics BNP Paribas

San Francisco Bay Area
Sonia Clark
SVP of HR at Bank of the West

San Francisco Bay Area
David Uribe
IT Manager, Transaction Processing Support
Dmitri Ilkaev
Senior VP, Chief Architect

Phoenix, Arizona Area
Brian McLaughlin

IT Manager II
San Ramon, California
Laurie Iniguez
Vice President, IT Manager

San Ramon, California
Michael Manowski
SVP Engineering - Digital Channel Solution Delivery
San Francisco, California
Matt Krogstad
VP Mobile Banking and Payments

San Francisco, California
John Finley
SVP, Digital Channel Servicing Manager

San Francisco Bay Area
David Covert
SVP, Multi-Channel Marketing

Greater Los Angeles Area
Andrew Diggdon
VP Customer Experience (Mobile)

San Francisco Bay Area
Ann von Germeten
Chief Marketing Officer
San Francisco Bay Area
Joel Nathanson
Head of Social Media

San Francisco Bay Area
Kristina Nielsen
Digital Marketing, VP

San Francisco Bay Area
Denee Jones
Vice President, Strategy Manager

San Francisco Bay Area
Charlotte Hanras
VP, Marketing Manager

San Francisco, California
Madhvi Mewar
Multi Channel Marketing at Bank of the West, BNP Paribas
San Francisco Bay Area
Dave Fuller
VP and IT Manager

Greater Los Angeles Area
Commercial & Consumer Banking
Wealth Management
Risk Management
National Finance Group
Michael Bracco
Chief Administrative Officer

San Francisco Bay Area
Russell Playford
Chief Risk Officer

San Francisco Bay Area
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