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English Culture

No description

Natalie Cuei

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of English Culture

Natalie Cuei 9E United Kingdom
(English Culture) Foods English food contain a lot of puddings, cakes, and assorted tea. They have a huge English breakfast usually consisting of sausages, beans, bread, and eggs. Another food item that England is famous for is their cheeses; usually named after locations in the country. Sports England's national sport is cricket, but most people think it is football (soccer) for their exceptional teams. Netball is another sport people in England play. But in the past it is usually played by women. This game started up in the 1890s. Hunting has always been a big sport in England. Boxing Day hunting is where they go fox hunting on Boxing Day. But some people is trying to stop this sport because they believe it is cruel. Language Even though citizens of United Kingdom all speak English they use very different words than us. For example: Football instead of soccer, cooker instead of stove and tap instead of faucet. Also people from different regions of England have their own accent and words. Examples:
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