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White Board Prezumé by Evan Blake

No description

Evan Blake

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of White Board Prezumé by Evan Blake

Professional Membership
Specialised Equipment Used
The C.V. of Evan Blake
British Association of Sport & Exercise Science
National Strength & Conditioning Association (C.S.C.S.)
• Biofeedback units
• Posture analysis
• Leighton flexometers
• Dynamometers
• Gas analysis
• Cholesterol analysis equipment
• Lactate analysis unit
• Notational & video analysis
• Jump meter
• Skinfold callipers
Avanced Performance Training
Speed, Agility & Quickness
Relaxation & Recovery Strategies
Strength & Conditioning
Performance Psychology
Performance Analysis
Performance Nutrition
Speed Sports
Team Sports
Endurance Sports
S&C Coach
Injury Prevention
Recovery & Regeneration
English as a second language teacher
Membership Sales
Business Development
Human Performance Technician
Lead Researcher
Senior Supervisor
Advanced Performance Trainer
S & C Coach
Personal Trainer
B.Sc. (Hons) Health,
Fitness & Leisure
Thesis – An audit of multi-purpose
facilities in Co. Kildare.
Adventure Education &
Experiential Learning
M.Sc. Sports Performance (Performance Psychology)
Leisure Programming
Thesis – Establishing the scientific merits of a multi-disciplinary bodywork program.
Peräpohjolan Opisto
Dip. Sc.
Health & Leisure
Health & Leisure
End of year project - Occupational Asthma: A Study
1998 - 2001
2010 - 2014
2011 - 2014
Research Title: An Audit of Multi-Purpose Facilities.
Duties - N.O.P., E.A.P., Operations Manual, fitness assessment criteria & protocol (wet & dry), Selection of personal training/exercise prescription criteria, protocols and records (wet & dry), Standardizing client services, Selection of class content and schedules (wet & dry).
Assistant lecturer, Preparing scientific equipment for the evaluations to be carried out, Carrying out the evaluations, compiling and disseminating the results to the relevant peoples, Creating physical activity programs based on results and goals for fitness, performance & rehabilitation, Supervising the students in using scientific equipment for their research projects.
Assessing language skills, Designing educational programs, Implementing & evaluating education programs, Evaluating students.
Membership consultation & sales, Daily interaction with clients, Measure effectiveness of marketing strategies, Getting feedback in relation to programs offered.
Assess physical condition & performance elements, Develop individual and group strength & conditioning programs, Develop injury prevention programs, Monitor and evaluate ongoing progress and make adjustments accordingly.
Assess physical condition & performance elements, Develop individual and group SAQ & flexibility programs, Monitor and evaluate ongoing progress and make adjustments accordingly.
I worked with Jean-Nic in 2012
The International Society for the Advancement in Kinanthropometry
International Society of Performance Analysis in Sport (ISPAS)
• Monarch ergometer for Windgate test
• Biodex Unit
• Anthropometric measurement equipment
• Lung function measurement - Medibase
• Force plates & opto-jump
• 3D motion analysis
Service Representative
2013 - 2014
Within the Admissions Department I was responsible for providing administrative services and assistance to Undergrad students, International exchange students, Graduate students, Postdocs’, Alumni, Prospective students, Applicants, Guests and Parents either in-person, over the phone or through web based support mechanisms..
A progressive culture development focused individual, specializing in operations through people, process and performance evaluation, development and implementation. Using principles and philosophies of high performance sport and performance psychology, to develop multi-disciplinary, client centered
High Performance Environments.
Executive Oofficer
2014 - 2015
Department of Medical Gerontology - Within the largest study of its kind in Ireland (8,000 + respondents), I am one of the team that coordinates the multi-disciplinary testing and results within the TILDA study. Collaboratively consulting with a research team of 40, with attention to detail in relation to report writing and results dissemination with the highest degree of confidentiality. http://tilda.tcd.ie/
Lecturer in Fitness Instruction
2014- present
As part of the Department of Sports, Health & Exercise Science and through the School of Lifelong Learning and Education, I am the module coordinator and also responsible for the delivery and evaluation of students learning within modules involving 1. Health & Fitness Theory (Physiology & Kinesiology), 2. Resistance, Conditioning & Testing 3. and also Legal, Ethical and Safety Aspects of the Fitness Industry.
Executive Oofficer
Academic Administrator for Undergrad Modules, co-ordinating approx. 20 academic staff including payroll, overseeing appropriate budget allocation and controlling misc. costs in relation to day-to-day operations of the School of Medicine. Upholding strict regulations of the University, Irish Medical Council and various strategic partners with the highest degree of attention to detail and confidentiality. Using standard and purpose built technologies
I worked with
Jean-Nic in 2012
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