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International Social Marketing - Creating smart strategies for international clients

Alessandro Brunelli

Emma Marti

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of International Social Marketing - Creating smart strategies for international clients

International Social Marketing
Creating smart strategies
for International clients
Alessandro Brunelli
Throughout this presentation,
we’ll try to address a questions.
Why should an SEO go and think about
International social media
for his clients?
Is there such a thing as a
for abroad?
social success
and how do you
what does it look like?
Let's start
SEO day.
The sun is shining.

Your client loved your last campaign and the results you delivered.
Don’t sit back and relax.
This is the right time to be

Maybe the client is ready to
to an international audience.
Or they have a foreign
who can benefit from your services,
social activity.
When the opportunity arises,
and it might be soon,
are you ready to offer a social strategy

that spans
across borders?
some good with your

much of the audience potential for many British clients with international vision is still untapped.

2.55 billion

It’s really as simple as thinking that
for each European social user
there are now
4 Asian social users.

Or that since last year,
there are
social users in
Latin America
than in
North America.

And if you still want to look at it from an
SEO perspective.
Recent studies seem to suggest that
a good
social presence
shouldn't hurt. After all…

SEO ranking Factors –
Rank Correlation 2013 on Google UK

You might have seen that
G+ word
at the top and started to worry...
Matt Cutts
revealed his thoughts on this study

For once though, we’d like to jump past that
minefield that goes under the name of
“SEO ranking factors.”

and if you do it...
The reason is simple:
Social Networks need to be seen for
what they are
in order for their true potential to be
They can’t be
judged solely by
That would be a bit like applying
rugby rules
to a
football game.

And you give birth to something even
don't want to
as vaguely mental as this, do you?

Overall, we can’t talk about social strategy
without mentioning

Brand health, equity and, more tangibly - conversions
if we want to value success on social networks,
no matter
the country or market.

However, sometimes it might be hard to have
the confidence
to deal with a
foreign market
and a
different medium
Or maybe, more simply, there’s no one in the company
who speaks the
language needed.
But a
SEO company doesn’t
shy away from
international challenge.
There are ways that actually
make it easier
to make it happen.

An SEO can move on to social and maximise
chances of success like few other marketers could.

Well, you surely know AdWords like the back of your hand

“Sure, but there’s no such thing as AdWords.”


You might be surprised to hear that
strategy could be started in a
similar fashion
(By the way, Facebook is
the social network with
highest penetration
of active user,
with 62 per cent globally, as opposed to Twitter’s 51
per cent and Google + 44 per cent)

As things stand,
Facebook of


is still well ahead
Twitter too,

Right Zuckerberg is still
(For a while longer at least)

But again, is there such thing as
Facebook AdWords?

And would it be easy to use such thing
in a foreign market?

The bad news is, there’s
Facebook AdWords.

The good news is, there’s
something that can be used
in a very similar way
It will help you build a Facebook strategy
across borders
but only as long as your content is fresh,
represents the brand and stimulates engagement in the local culture.

See some similarities with SEO
and Content Marketing?
Many answers you need are in fact hidden
in the Facebook Ad Manager.

It’s not the most
It's a free way to know
how many people like what you’re writing about,
in a country of choice.

It allows you to target a
very specific audience,
and similarly to AdWords, it also suggests related terms:

Is Italy really the

land of coffee?
I’d say so. But the UK’s keeping up.

Surely it must be the other way round with tea…

Of course it is...
Japan is where sushi comes from…

But Britain is where it gets all the love…

And if you ever had any doubts about

the Aussie-ness of a certain beer…

You now have 4,400 more reasons to leave
your assumptions at the door…

That said…
you need to be organised.
It’s still a bit too early to
play with potential fans.

Those priceless bits of knowledge you get from Facebook ad
To get results internationally,
you’ll also need to
speak the language
and know the
you’re dealing with.
It is a community building effort.
And many times during the effort,
you will have to think
like an advertiser.
Most of your visibility is paid for on Facebook and other socials anyway.
Make that money
always remember that:

The number of
interested fan reached
will be useful only as long as the fans care about what you're saying

If you
create value for them,
and the core engaged users
keep coming back,
your content will continue to be seen.

Why? Is this just the usual
cheesy chat
coming from a content marketer?

No. This is actually backed by a formula that
would have made Einstein shiver:

Edgerank (The Facebook algorithm) values how much
a certain person pays to your posts over time.

This increases or decreases chances of seeing
that content
As someone else put it:
With your SEO eagle eyes you’ll see the similarity yet again. Facebook, like other search engines, is all about

The more you are relevant to people,
the more often you will appear in their
news feed.

The more you will make that space yours.
That means you’ve been great at making their space theirs: the fans’.

On the other hand, the less people care, the
more money you’ll waste.

The Cost Per Like or Cost Per Engagement will very likely

as a result of an
unsuccessful post or editorial strategy.

Keep checking constantly how much you spend for the conversions you care about, and you’ll have a very tangible sense of how your campaign is performing.

Such metrics are great
of what works and what doesn’t.

is in fact something that can be tracked
quite easily on Facebook.

And don’t forget that within Edgerank,
images matter.
It’s all about
catching the eye.
It can become very vain but also very rewarding.

Some of July and August’s most popular posts,

Data: SocialBakers

It helps to know what’s going to happen on what day,
at least a
month in advance.
But even the
pretty pictures
might not be enough.
It’s vital to play in advance.
It’s not about crystal balls.
It’s about implementing an
editorial calendar.
Once you’ve managed to write a unique post about a trending topic, and targeted it to a receptive audience, chances are that your post will succeed abroad and locally.
At this stage, you might have collected a few ideas for
your social strategy already…

Within your future strategy, it will help to start seeing Facebook
as a
search engine
in its own right.

As of August 7th,
Graph Search
to all English-speaking users in the US, and will expand globally.
became available
Through the Facebook search bar, Graph Search allows you to
find something specific
pertaining to people, photos, places,

and interests through simple search queries.

Facebook said you can also use Graph Search to discover new restaurants by, for instance, searching for "hotels in Seattle visited by my friends" or "Restaurants in New York liked by graduates of the Culinary Institute of America".

And with great power comes
great responsibility
Graph Search will also become more and more of an
inspiration for community managers globally…

All this doesn’t mean that Facebook and search engines will live by the same rules,

but it means that an SEO is in
a good position
to approach a social strategy abroad.

Just like many British SEO companies have found success internationally, this is also possible from a social perspective.

It’s just about putting into place an approach that
maximises the chance of succeeding.

Of course some posts will work better than others,
but it’s possible to make it happen internationally.

is an example of that.
We boosted eBay Italy’s Annunci and Kijiji Facebook

performance significantly…

Client expected the page to grow from 40,000 to 60,000 likes over 3 months
Caliber took it to over 80,000.

we also managed to set all of the page's all-time records, with nine of the campaign's posts becoming the
best-ever in terms of performance for the page.

Under our management, eBay Annunci reached very high peaks of
engagement, with People Talking/likes peaking around 15% into the third month of the campaign.

Wildfire data

As a result of this success,
Caliber is now also managing Kijiji.it’s Facebook page.

Our most recent data suggest that Kijiji.it
was the Italian Facebook page with the best engagement rate in the month of August.

Cost Per Like is decreasing accordingly,
having almost halved since the start of the campaign

Out of the page’s top 20 posts for engagement rate,
18 were made since Caliber’s takeover.

Our strategy was consistent with the client's vision, and they gave us creative leeway and set realistic KPIs.

This allowed us to go from strength to strength and develop an even better relationship with the client

"what more can we be doing?"
The same can work the day your SEO client
That day you’ll be in the right position to offer them a
whole planet to target, socially.

Either way, you can do them
The reasons to be ready are
this is the number of social users worldwide
But let's take this with a
pinch of salt
These are all
crucial elements
For any country in the world
platform, but
and from a
manager need to be relevant both
around the world
Thank you
Alessandro Brunelli
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