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How does war affect the environment?

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noor ullah

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of How does war affect the environment?

How Does War Affect The Environment?
How it affects
war effects the environment by:
-chemical fumes
-toxic smoke
-fumes that kill
migrating birds

The civil war in Congo
The population of hippopotamus:
-decreased from 29,000 in 1975 to 900 in 2005.
-All of the 28,100 hippopotamus died.
"War on Terrorism"
The American "war on terrorism'' started on the 11Th of September of 2001.
Israel & Lebanon
In July 2006:
- Hezbollah planned a rocket attack on Israel borders.
-The war caused an environmental problem.
-Israel bombed a power station south of Beirut.
-This wrecked storage tanks leaked an estimate of 20,000 tons of oil.
-It killed fish and affected the habitat of sea turtles.
The Gulf War
The Gulf War was fought between Kuwait, Iraq and a number of western countries. This war was one of the most environmentally devastating was ever fought.

Fires, oil fields, landmines, bombs, chemical spraying, weapons, and destruction of structures, and crude oil were released into the sea.
In October 2001:

-The U.S attacked Afghanistan as a starting chapter of the"war on terrorism''.
-The bombing threatened the wildlife. -
-The numbers of birds flying in Afghanistan has dropped.
-In the mountains, many large animals such as leopards, found refuge.
-During the war, Taliban's trading timber destroyed much of the forest cover.
The U.S and Afghanistan
The U.S and Iraq
The war in Iraq was caused by the U.S in 2003, as part of the war on terrorism:,

-Causing environmental problems.
-The water was damaged by frequent bombing. It also damaged the
sewage treatment systems by
-Causing pollution of the river Tigris.
-Another example is the air, because oil
trenches burning as it was the exact
same thing in the golf war of 1991,
causing air pollution.
-Another example is soil, because of
military movement it results land
-Iraq dumped almost one million tones of crude oil into the Persian Gulf.
-Crude oil was also spilled into the desert
-Released air pollutants into the atmosphere
-Many dams and sewage water treatment plants were destroyed
-Moving heavy machenaries such as tanks caused soil erosions
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