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Arab Spring

No description

Nora Pircher

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Arab Spring

Egypt Bahrain Libya Yemen Syria Countries affected General Facts • revolutionary wave in the Arab world
•18 December 2010 Arab Spring 29 January 2013

Anna Brugger
Nora Pircher
Kosima V. Sparber demonstrations, marches, rallies & strikes
civil uprisings
overthrown rulers
in some nations ruling families still in power Manifestations political dissatisfaction
gaps in income levels
absolute monarchy
human rights violations
economic decline
unemployment & extreme poverty
numerous demographic structural factors Causes Bashar Hafiz al-Assad
26 Jan. 2011: self-immolation
ongoing armed conflict
resignation of president Bashar al-Assad
end of the rule of Ba'ath Party
rebels: 60 % of Syria's territory by end of December
president plans to flee to Russia 6 days of artillery fires across the border
Syrian Air airbus forced to land
suspicion: Russian-made weapons on board
NATO agrees on Patriot missiles along southern border
Russia: first shipment of missiles to Syria Syria and Turkey Turkey Social Networks expression of rebels' thoughts
sharing of uncensored & accurate information
coordination of protests
mobilization of people
provision of information to the world
distribution of public information
break of barrier of fear Tunisia The Syrian civil war = Syrian uprising Libyan civil war = Libyan revolution Muammar Muhammad Abdassalam
Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi
15 Feb. 2011
Benghazi under control of opposition
interim government
intervention of different states
fighting continues
Tripoli captured in late August 2011
Gaddafi's government scattered
end of his 42 years of power
Sirte declared as new capital
20 Oct. 2012: Sirte is seized, Gaddafi killed
end of civil war Aftermath Zine El Abidine Ben Ali
19 Dec. 2010: self-immolation
ongoing unrest
15 Jan. 2011: leader flees
state of emergency
27 Feb. 2011: prime minister resigns
23 Oct. 2011: first free elections: An-Nahda Tunisian revolution Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak
17 Jan. 2011: self-immolation
Feb. 2011: Mubarak resigns
ongoing demonstrations
4 March 2011: Essam Sharaf new prime minister
28 Nov. 2011: first free ballot Egyptian revolution Aftermath May 2012: first free presidential elections
Mohamed Morsi
22 Nov. 2012: Morsi grants himself broad power
outraged protests & demonstrations
29 Nov. 2012: draft constitution
6 Dec. 2012: street battles
15 Dec. 2012: peaceful referendum on draft constitution Yemeni revolution Ali Abdullah Saleh
30 yrs. long rule
In Feb. 2011: no re-election of
Saleh in 2013
March: protests
May: Saleh refuses to resign
June: assassination attempt on the president
4 June 2011: vice president as president in power
November: Saleh agrees to step down Bahraini uprising King Hamad bin Isa bin Salman
Al Khalifa
14 Feb. 2011
greater political freedom & equality
end of monarchy
15 March 2011: state of emergency for 3 months
Oct. 2012: all rallies & demonstrations banned Aftermath 3 interim governments
60 parties were legalized
complaints about protests
big steps in:
reforms of the judiciary
freedom of expression, press & association
women's rights change in the social and political order
process to form a new government, preparation for elections and prosecution of former Gaddafi officials
On 21 Jan. 2012, hundreds of protesters storm the NTC's headquarters in Benghazi
immunity granted to former rebel fighters
prohibition of "propaganda"
7 July 2012: democratic elections
parliamentary elections in 2013 Thank you for your attention!
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