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Copy of Subsea Engineering Overview

Subsea systems and controls

Jason Fletcher

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Subsea Engineering Overview

Subsea Engineering Group Introduction to Subsea Systems and Controls Basic Architecture Subsea Trees Manifolds HIPPS Umbilicals & Jumpers Subsea
Ditrubution Unit
SDU Topside Equipment MCS DCS UPS TUTU EPU SSIVs Subsea Umbilical Termination Unit
SUTU Subsea Control Unit
SCM Purpose Types & Operation Design Considerations Requirements Inhibitors Hydrates Corrosion Scale Wax Asphaltines Many types
Dependant upon
Materials, Environment, Flow rates, Injection methods Thermodynamic
Hydrate Inhibitor Works by reducing the temperature that hydrates form. The two chemicals used are:
MeOH - Methonol
MEG - Mono Ethonol Glycol

Used in batch doses at planned shut-ins or start ups. Requirements Management Requirements Management Subsea Trees Low Dose Hydrate Inhibitor
LDI Prevents that formation of large plugs and crystals from accumulating on pipe walls Anti Agglomerates
AA Kinetic
KI ISO Standards Legislation HSE Environment Geo, Metocean,
Depth etc... Generic
Components Couplings Valves Accumulators Metering Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation Purpose Types & Operation JUMPERS UMBILICALS SUBSEA TREES SCM MANIFOLDS HIPPS SDU SUTU SSIVs TOPSIDES HPU Risers &
J Tubes Chemistry Materials Geo-Political Safety Case
Integration JPK Policy Economics Depth ROV Diver Welding CODES Integration Green Field Brown Field Cost Availability Lead Times Flowlines Flanges Gaskets, flange faces and uses CODES Clamps CODES CODES Colletts Single Phase Multi Phase Generic
Components ROV Stab-plates or Diver Couplings Bladder Piston Foundations,
& Mats Gate Choke Ball Check Needle CODES
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