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International Business Presentation-Italy

No description

Ellen Wallace

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of International Business Presentation-Italy

Tourist Attractions A Few Words Italy ~The Leaning Tower of Pisa
~Canals of Venice
~On the Autostrata, motorists are allowed to drive up to 150 km/h which translates into 93.2 mph. ~Hi! Ciao!
~Good morning! Buongiorno!
~Thanks! Grazie!
~Goodbye! Arrivederci! Other Information ~Transferred from the lira to the euro in 2002
~1 US dollar=.7725 euros Country Information ~Population: 60 million
-fourth largest in Europe
~Religion: Roman Catholic
~Fifth largest economy Making Appointments ~8 am-1pm & 4:30pm-7pm
~Do not plan a meeting during their afternoon break
~Ensure that the date on which you schedule the
appointment is not an Italian holiday
~Respect their office hours Business Dress ~Men: invest in a name brand suit with jacket
expensive tie
~Women: accessorize
quality fabrics
elegant but sophisticated
~Both: shined shoes
personal grooming Topics of Conversation Good
~Italian architecture
~Italian food & wine
~Opera Addressing Others ~Use title and surname until otherwise instructed or
the acquaintance becomes a close friend
~Signor (Mr.) & Signora (Mrs.)
-do not use Miss
~If not sure (for women) of age, address as Signora to avoid offending her. Acceptable Behavior ~When introducing parties to a stranger, introduce
the older parties first
~Introduce the women before yourself
~Introduce yourself lastly
~Do not wave when leaving, shake everyone's hand
individually Gift Giving ~Not required
~Makes a good impression & warms you up to the recipient
~Gifts of alcohol & crafts of your country are
~Give flowers to secretaries when they have been
exceptionally helpful during your arrangement
of appointments during your visit to their country. Negotiating ~Make a good impression when you first meet
~Keep your presentation simple
~Respect their position, power, & age
~Honor their final decision so as to not burn a bridge that you will need in the future Entertaining ~Meet for breakfast in a cafe
~Pay their meal
~Offer them a drink while at dinner
~Parties last until at least 12am Dining Etiquette & Foods ~Keep the knife in your left hand & the fork
in your right hand
~Pass dishes to the left
~Foods to expect:
-Pastas Conclusion ~America & Italy are similar in that we demand the same respect that Italians deserve & we tolerate foreign cultures just as they do. We have adopted many of the cuisines of Italy in America, therefore our foods are similar. Though different, we share many commonalities. Works Cited ~"Italy: Prosperous Entertaining." - ExecutivePlanet.com. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Nov. 2012. <http://www.executiveplanet.com/index.php?title=Italy:_Prosperous_Entertaining>. Ellen Drake Wallace Mrs. Sanders
Computer Applications II
November 27, 2012 ~Green: the country's plains
~White: the snow-capped Alps
~Red: the blood shed in the Wars of Italian Independence Bad
~World War II
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