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Women and Leadership

Research Topic

Allison Evans

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Women and Leadership

Women and Leadership in
Intercultural Contexts Allison N. Evans What's in It For You? Jessica Simpson The Price of Beauty Research
Findings What the scholars say Academic Research Media and News Research Women's Current Events Pop Culture Same Different Differences and Similarities
In Research Ask the Professionals! Interviews Jennifer Krieg Brittany Timmons VP of Leasing Operations Manager of Marketing/HR Same Different Differences and Similarities
In Interviews Research Findings Results the "big picture" What about my personal experiences? Strategies to Increase Sucess! be confident be knowledgeable be respectful Overview 2003 Foreign Policy: Why The World Needs More Nancy Alexandra Starr March 25, 2010 Muslim Women Debate Gender Segregation in Mosques NPR Radio March 12, 2010 Women Scientists Take Role in Rebuilding Iraq NPR Radio February 28, 2010 Cayetano forms Cordillera women's Group Sun Star Newspaper March 26, 2010 Clinton lauds Indian women leaders Calcutta News March 24, 2010 2010 Dr. Grace Augustine Avatar 2010 2009 Know your stuff!
Real life experience Be your best!
Know the audience Confidence
educating yourself Transforming Indigenous Cultural Politics through Art and Dialogue in Rural and Remote Manitoba.
Reflections on Gender and Hillary Clinton's Presidential Campaign: The Good, the Bad, and the Misogynic.
The Impact of Social Modeling, Cultural Values, and Support Systems on the Leadership Development of Emerging Global Women Leaders
The Fallen Woman Archetype: Media Representations of Lynndie England, Gender, and the (Ab)uses of U.S.
Gender Inequality in Chinese Politics: An Empirical Analysis of Provincial Elites
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