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No description

Kim Sarrell

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of LIZARDS

Deborah Chancellor
Lizards are cold blooded so they sit on warm rocks to warm themselves up.
When your getting a lizard first you need to figure out which lizard then you need to buy all the supplies needed to keep it alive and lastly you get your lizard.
Thank you!
Why to get a lizard
Lizards are pretty sick if you ask me. You can hold them in your hand you play hide and seek with them but never find them so you have to get a new and your lizard will eat all the rats you want. Some lizards are pocket sized so if you go on a flight them he can be carry on in your pocket.
Some lizards cost more than others so make sure you can afford it before you buy the lizard
Some lizards eat meat while others eat vegetable. For example geckos eat live insects but the iguana only eat plants. Some lizards eat both all lizards should have a healthy diet if you want them to stay alive. If you have a lizard feed it regularly at the same times every day.
Lizards regularly shed their skin to reveal a new layer underneath this is called sloughing.
By : Charlie Winesett
They shed skin so that they can properly grow without and trouble
Did You Know?
Lizards can detach their tails
Geckos don't have eyelids
Some lizards can change color
There are 6263 different species of lizards
Lizards can be 11 feet long
Lizards smell tasting the air around them
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