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Dakota White

No description

Katrina Dye

on 10 March 2015

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Transcript of Dakota White

Lakeside 2050: Security
A glimpse into the future of Lakeside School District
Dakota White
The front door is the entrance to our children. What I mean by that is, the front door is how parents and people get into the building. I say this because it is true. We all go through the front door at some point in time during the day. At Lakeside in 2050 you may not be able to at certain points.
For the teachers I think we could have millitary helmets and A little bit of protection

Teacher Ideas
Lakeside 2050 By: Dakota White.
My solution for this problem is retinal scanners and x-ray machines and guards to operate them. The reason of retinal scanners is they look in a file of eyes and they find if you are in the system. And the X-Ray is for being able to see what the people have in their coats body"s and or body parts. they might even innovate to weapons in the head that just pop out and then go and hurt people. I think these solutions would be available at Lakeside in 2050.
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