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iPod and iPad Apps for Education

No description

Colin Pattison

on 14 September 2011

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Transcript of iPod and iPad Apps for Education

Physical Education 1. Seek and Spell Social Media 1. Edmodo Edmodo operates in a similar fashion
as Facebook. As an education site it
has security settings that allow
individual classes to operate privately.

Teachers can upload assignments, make
comments and interact with students
via the standalone site, or the mobile app. Seek and Spell is a GPS based app that
teaches students orienteering skills.

The game allows students to connect
to a collaborative game on a virtual map
Letters are then scattered across the map
and students are are required to locate
letters and rearrange them to form words. Storytelling 1. Storykit Storykit allows students to create, edit
and publish e-books.

Students can take photos, insert sounds,
draw pictures and type text. The final
product can be uploaded to the Storykit
server which is maintained by the
International Children's Digital Library.
NOTE - The website does not have an
accessible mainframe. The only way
published works can be accessed is through
a link that can be sent out by a teacher. 2. Storyrobe Storykit allows students to create, edit
and publish e-books.

Storyrobe is very similar to Storykit in that it
allows students to create e-books. Students
can then narrate their own story. The share
button allows students to e-mail their story
or post it to YouTube.
2. Food Find Food Find uses the same platform as Seek
and Spell.

Rather than searching for words, students
look for virtual foods, which are then
organized by food group. Presentation 1. Prezi (IPAD) Prezi allows students to create collaborative
moving presentations.

With Prezi, students are able create presentations with dynamic elements like
zoom-in and zoom-out, and pan-left and pan-right. Students can also insert video files and
pictures directly into their presentation. By sending out a Prezi Meeting link, up to 15 students can collaborate on a Prezi at one time. Language Arts 1. Dolch Sight Words Dolch Sight Words includes all 300+ sight words with clear recorded pronunciations.

This app allows teachers and students to select specific word sets to accelerate learning. 2. Grammaropolis (PAID) Grammaropolis Word Sort accompanies the website Grammaropolis.com.

While this app is PAID, it is definitely worth it. Each part of speech is represented by a specific character, who then act out different scenes to illustrate their definitions. Word sort allows students to use those same characters in an interactive sorting activity. 2. Posterous Posterous is a blogging platform that allows
students to post content by e-mail.

The result is an app that is extremely intuitive
and allows for fast updating of online content. 3. Hali Hali is a location based hide and seek game.

The interface allows the seekers to locate the
hiders and the hiders to tell when the seekers are
getting too close. 4. CTF CTF is a location based capture the flag game.

The virtual map allows players to acquire various
resources to use against other players within the
FIELD. Special Education 1. IEP Checklist The IEP Checklist is intended to be a tool
for parents and teachers to work with to
track student progress as they progress
through an IEP.

This app allows to modify the IEP in
accordance with student performance. 2. Grammaropolis (PAID) IWriteWords is an application that allows students to trace letters and form

The child follows the path of an animated character so as to reinforce the proper way to form a letter. Mathematics 1.Khan App Khan App archives instructional math videos
from the Khan Academy website.

NOTE: This app is available on the Open App
Mkt but can be installed on an iOS device. 1. Math Drills Lite Math Drills Lite allows students to work through
addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The app also gives helpful hints for students to
remember when working through problems. 3. Photo Touch Sight Words Photo Touch Sight Words allows you to
listen to the sounds of various words
prior to choosing the correct written form.

There are a number of other apps by this company but most of them are paid. 4. Read Me Stories Read Me Stories is a great interactive app that reads stories to kids.

Each day the app is used a new book is added to the library. 3. SCVNGR SCVNGR is a location based check-in program
much like Foursquare.

HOWEVER, SCVNGR allows users to act as
builders who are able to create their own games.
From an education perspective, this means that
teachers can create questions based on curriculum
content for students to search out and complete.
The video below gives a basic breakdown on
building in the SCVNGR environment. English Language Learners 1.Google Translate Google Translate allows users to translate words
between English and a variety of other languages.

While many apps offer this service, the Google
Translate app offers a voice recognition feature
that is suprisingly accurate. At the moment, not
all languages support the voice recognition software,
however, more are being added as usage increases. 2. Dragon Dictation Dragon Dictation text-speech is based on the
original Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

Dragon allows text to be exported using e-mail,
text message or the iPhone clipboard. 4. HeyTell HeyTell is a push to talk app that allows you to
treat your iPhone/Ipod Touch as a walkie-talkie.

The app itself is free, however, by purchasing the
upgrade you can send a group message out to up
to 25 individuals. This feature would work great
for sending out task instructions for students. 5. Grammar Jammers Grammar Jammers is an app that is
designed by Pearson Education and uses
animated songs and rhymes to make
learning exciting.

Grammar Jammers is available Primary, Elementary and Middle School editions. Apps for Education This is a growing list of apps to use in education.
I have tried to attach descriptions and a brief
tutorial video where possible. Most of the apps
here are free to download and can be adapted to
fit a variety of different uses. Please feel free to
add to this list if you would like! 2. Scanlife Scanlife uses the internal camera on your
device to process QR codes and redirect
people to online content.

One of the best sites I have found for
creating QR codes is http://goqr.me 6. Google Search App Google has one of the most extensive
product suites when it comes to online

The new app allows access to all of the
regular services (word processing,
spreadsheets, forms) but also integrates
things like Google Goggles that allow
you to search using an image from a
mobile device. Screencasting 1.Show Me App Show Me App allows teachers and students to record
audio and video of work completed in an interactive
whiteboard environment.

Show Me App is extremely useful, however it does
require that your videos are uploaded to their website. 2.Explain Everything Explain Everything is a screencasting app that
allows teachers and students to record audio
and video completed in an interactive whiteboard

This app allows you to save files in a variety of
different formats for upload to a class website.
It also comes with a full tool suite for students
to use. 3. Screenchomp Screenchomp is a screencasting app that allows
teachers and students to record audio and video
completed in an interactive whiteboard environment.

This app was developed by TechSmith, the group that
put together Jing for Mac and PC and whose software
provides the screencasting functions in Smart Board.
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