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No description

Alexa Huber

on 30 November 2016

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Transcript of Geography

Fun facts about Mexico
Area of Mexico: 761,600 miles
National Capital: Mexico City
Total population: 120,286,655
Highest point: Volcan Pico De Orizaba Height: 5,700 Meters
Lowest point: Laguna Salada Height: -10 Meters
Largest Lake: Lake Chapala
Sierra Madre Occidental is along the western side of Mexico
Sierra Madre Oriental is along the eastern side of Mexico
Sierra Madre del Sur is along the Soutern side of Mexico
Major Mountains of Mexico

Rio Grande river is along the border between Mexico and the USA
Pánuco River is on the eastern side of Mexico right next to the Gulf of Mexico
Major rivers of Mexico
Tierra Caliente average temperatures: 18 - 25 `C ( 64 - 77 `F )
Tierra Templada average temperatures: 15 - 20 `C ( 61 - 72 `F )
Tierra Fria average temperatures: 13 - 18 `C ( 64 - 77 `F )
Average Tempetatures in Mexico
1 Mexico City
2 Guadalajara
3 Monterrey
4 Puebla
5 Toluca
5 major cities in Mexico
Northern Mexico: 80 - 100 inches per year
Southern Mexico: 39 - 80 inches per year
Average precipitation
Northern Mexico: The northern part of Mexico has cooler weather than the southern part. The temperature ranges from: 16 - 20 `C ( 60 - 68 `F ).

Southern Mexico: The southern part of Mexico has warmer weather than northern Mexico. The temperature ranges from: 24 - 28 `C ( 75 - 80 ` F ).
Climate descriptions of northern and southern Mexico
Estados Unidos Mexicanos is the offical name of Mexico. It means United Mexican States.

Balsas, Rio Grande, Yaqui are the 3 main rivers in Mexico.

Mexico has 32 states
Interesting facts about Mexico
Cecchini, Pegasus Web Mirko. "Climate - Mexico." Climate Mexico: Temperature (°F), Precipitation (in), When to Go, What to Pack. Companies Register of Parma, 9th Apr. 2009. Web. 15 Nov. 2016.

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Nations Encyclopedia. "Mexico - Climate." Climate - Mexico - Average, Area, Annual, Temperature. © 2016 Advameg, Inc., 10th Mar. 2015. Web. 17 Nov. 2016.

Geography, By: Alexa H.
This is Laguna Salada.
The lowest point in Mexico
This is Volcan Pico De Orzaba.
The highest point in Mexico
This is Sierra Madre Occidental
This is Sierra Madre Oriental
This is Sierra Madre Del Sur
This is the Rio Grande river
This is the Pánuco River
This is Tierra Caliente
This is Tierra Templada
This is Tierra Fria
This is Mexico City
This is Guadalajara
This is Monterrey
This is Puebla
This is Toluca
This Northern Mexico in the rain
This is Southern Mexico in the rain
This is Northern Mexico
This is Southern Mexico
This is a map of Mexico
This is the Rio Grande River, the biggest river in Mexico
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